Bitcoin 2.5

Your favorite cryptocurrency brought to Minecraft!

  1. _Donut_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Server economies are often quite dull so this plugin provides a unique twist to spice it up!

    Note: 1.14+ are the only supported versions, other versions will not work.

    Test Server:
    Journey -

    - Bitcoin mining
    - Intuitive user GUI
    - Buying and selling of bitcoins
    - Fluctuation of bitcoin value
    - Option to use real bitcoin value
    - Optional circulation limit
    - Black market
    - Works with all Vault compatible economies
    - Configurable settings, messages and sounds
    - PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI support
    - PlayerPoints and PointsAPI support
    - API for developers

    How Bitcoins Work
    Bitcoin is not designed to be a standalone economy on your server, but rather it works in conjunction with your existing economy plugin as players can exchange bitcoins for your normal currency. See more about the value of bitcoins below.

    Value of Bitcoins
    Just like in real-life, the value of bitcoins is volatile and unstable. Every (Minecraft) day at 6:00 am (by default), the value of bitcoins will fluctuate. By holding on to bitcoins, players take the risk of the value decreasing, but the risk could pay off if the value increases. Also, there is now an option to use the real value of bitcoins. Simply enable the setting in the config.


    How do I get bitcoins?
    Mining of course! You won't need a pickaxe for bitcoin mining though... Bitcoin mining in Minecraft isn't as difficult as real-life bitcoin mining but it isn't easy either! You must be the first player to solve a 4x4 sliding tile puzzle in order to receive the bitcoin reward. If you feel this is too easy, set the puzzle_difficulty in the config to 'hard'.

    There is an option in the config to make it so players need to use a "computer" to mine bitcoins. After crafting a computer, just open the mining interface by right clicking the item. In the config, you can also define how many times a computer can be successfully used before it breaks i.e. how many times a mining puzzle can be successfully solved from it. The recipe for crafting computers can be edited in the config as well.




    Black Market
    The black market is where players can buy all that juicy contraband with bitcoins. Open it with /bitcoin blackmarket and simply click items to purchase them. The bitcoins from the purchase go into the bank.

    To configure it use the command: /bitcoin blackmarket setslot <slot> <price> [stock]. This will set the item in the specified slot to the item you are currently holding with the specified price. For example, if are holding 1 cobblestone and you type /bitcoin blackmarket setslot 1 50, it will set the first slot in the black market to 1 cobblestone that costs 50 bitcoins. If you want to remove an item then simply hold air while using this command and put anything for the price. The stock argument represents how many of the item can be purchased (if you don't put a stock amount, it will be infinite).

    /bitcoin - opens bitcoin menu
    /bitcoin value - displays bitcoin value
    /bitcoin stats [player] - displays player stats
    /bitcoin bank - displays amount of bitcoins in bank
    /bitcoin tax - displays purchase tax
    /bitcoin circulation: displays circulation info
    /bitcoin top [bal/time/solved] - displays top 5 players
    /bitcoin mine - opens mining interface
    /bitcoin transfer <player> <amount> - transfer bitcoins to player
    /bitcoin sell <amount> - sell bitcoins to the bank
    /bitcoin buy <amount> - buy bitcoins from the bank
    /bitcoin blackmarket - open black market
    /bitcoin blackmarket setslot <slot> <price> [stock] - edit market
    /bitcoin give <player> <amount> - give bitcoins to player
    /bitcoin remove <player> <amount> - remove bitcoins from player
    /bitcoin set <player> <amount> - set balance of player
    /bitcoin computer <player> [amount] - give computer
    /bitcoin reset <bal/mined/solved/time>: Reset stats
    /bitcoin reload - reload bitcoin plugin
    /bitcoin cancel - cancel transfer/purchase/sell

    1. Download the latest version of Vault, Bitcoin will not load without it
    2. Download a Vault compatible economy plugin (e.g. Essentials)
    3. Download bitcoin.jar and restart your server

    Code (Text):
    amount_in_bank: 0
    bitcoin_display_rounding: 5
    bitcoin_max_value: -1
    bitcoin_min_value: 0
    bitcoin_value: 1000
    broadcast_balance_reset_message: true
    broadcast_real_value: true
    circulation_limit: -1
    computers: false
    computer_uses_before_break: 3
    days_of_inactivity_until_balance_reset: 30
    fluctuation_frequency: '6:00'
    max_bitcoin_value_fluctuation: 100
    max_mining_reward: 50
    min_bitcoin_value_fluctuation: 0
    min_mining_reward: 10
    new_mining_puzzle_delay: 0
    purchase_tax_percentage: 15
    puzzle_difficulty: easy
    use_playerpoints: false
    use_pointsapi: false
    use_real_value: false
    world: world
    amount_in_bank: The amount of bitcoins in the bank. This will change as players sell/buy bitcoins

    bitcoin_display_rounding: This is how many decimal places bitcoins will round to in messages. Actual values are exact, this is only used in messages.

    bitcoin_min_value: The bitcoin value will not drop below this

    bitcoin_max_value: The bitcoin value will not go above this (set to -1 for no limit)

    bitcoin_value: This represents the current value of 1 bitcoin. This number will change from what you set it to unless you have the max & min value fluctuation set to 0

    broadcast_balance_reset_message: Set this to true if you want a message to be sent when a player's balance is reset to due inactivity (described in the above setting). This message can be configured in the message.yml.

    broadcast_real_value: Set this to true if you want the real bitcoin value to be broadcasted at the frequency set in the fluctuation frequency (sorry if this is confusing). Only applies when use_real_value is true.

    circulation_limit: This is the maximum number of bitcoins that will exist on your sever. As the amount of bitcoins in circulation approaches the limit, the mining reward will approach 0 but technically never reach it. If you do not want a limit set this to -1.

    computers: Set this true if you want players to need use a computer block to mine bitcoins.

    computer_recipe: This is the recipe for computers, list of material names is here

    computer_uses_before_break: How many times a computer can be used before it breaks

    days_of_inactivity_until_balance_reset: If a player is inactive for the amount of days you set here, then the bank will reclaim their bitcoins and their balance will be set to 0. This setting is especially useful if you set a circulation limit. Set this to -1 if you do not want to use this feature.

    exchange_currency_symbol: This is the symbol for your normal currency that bitcoins are exchanged for (this is used in messages such as displaying the value of bitcoins)

    fluctuation_frequency: This represents how/when the bitcoin value will fluctuate. It can be set to a time such as '6:00' and every minecraft day at this time the bitcoin value will fluctuate; use military (24 hour) time, do not put am or pm and make sure to put it in single quotes! Another option is to set this value to how often, in ticks, the value should fluctuate. For example if you put 6000, the value would fluctuate every 5 minutes (from when your server starts)

    min_bitcoin_value_fluctuation: The minimum amount that the value of bitcoins will change by (increase or decrease)

    max_bitcoin_value_fluctuation: The maximum amount that the value of bitcoins will change by (increase or decrease)

    max_mining_reward: The maximum number of bitcoins players will be rewarded after solving a puzzle

    min_mining_reward: The minimum number of bitcoins players will be rewarded after solving a puzzle

    new_mining_puzzle_delay: After the current mining puzzle has been solved this is the delay before the next puzzle is generated (in ticks)

    purchase_tax_percentage: This is the tax charged on players buying bitcoins. Ex) If the tax is 15% and the current bitcoin value is $200 and someone buys 5 bitcoins, the tax would be $150, bringing the total cost to $1150

    puzzle_difficulty: Set this to 'easy' if you want a less challenging mining puzzle. Set this to 'hard' if you want a significantly larger puzzle.

    use_playerpoints: If you would like to use PlayerPoints as your exchange currency, set this to true

    use_pointsapi: If you would like to use PointsAPI as your exchange
    currency, set this to true

    use_real_value: Set this to true if you would like the in-game bitcoin value to correspond with the real bitcoin value. If you set this to true then the following config settings will have no effect: bitcoin_min_value, bitcoin_max_value, min_bitcoin_value_fluctuation, max_bitcoin_value_fluctuation, fluctuation_frequency

    world: This is the world that is used to determine when a new day occurs
    Code (Text):
    # Messages accept color codes.
    # Messages can be multiple lines.
    # {VARIABLES} are filled in with their respective values, they can only be used in the messages that they are in by default
    bank_command: '&3Amount of bitcoins in bank: &b{AMOUNT}'
    - ' '
    - '&aYour balance: &2{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    - '&aCurrent bitcoin value: &2${VALUE}'
    - '&aEnter the amount of bitcoins you would like to sell:'
    - ' '
    - '&aBitcoins in bank: &2{BANK} bitcoins'
    - '&aBitcoin cost: &2${VALUE} per bitcoin'
    - '&aTax: &2{TAX}'
    - '&aEnter the amount of bitcoins you would like to buy:'
    - ' '
    - '&aYour balance: &2{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    - '&aEnter the player and amount of bitcoins (e.g. Notch 5):'
    black_market_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    black_market_item_cost: '&6Cost: &a{COST} bitcoins'
    black_market_item_lore: '&3Purchase items with bitcoins'
    black_market_item_name: '&9&lBlack Market'
    black_market_item_in_stock: '&3In Stock: &b{AMOUNT}'
    black_market_item_infinite_stock: '&3INFINITE STOCK'
    black_market_item_out_of_stock: '&cOUT OF STOCK'
    black_market_not_enough_bitcoins: '&cYou do not have enough bitcoins to buy this.'
    black_market_out_of_stock: '&cThis item is currently out of stock.'
    black_market_purchase: '&aSuccessfully bought item for {COST} bitcoins.'
    black_market_set_item: '&aSuccessfully set item in black market.'
    black_market_title: '&9&lBitcoin Black Market'
    black_tile: '&9&lBlack'
    blue_tile: '&9&lBlue'
    brown_tile: '&9&lBrown'
    buy_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    buy_delay: '&cYou must wait {SEC} seconds before you can buy more bitcoins from the
    buy_item_lore: '&3Buy bitcoins from the bank'
    buy_item_name: '&9&lBuy Bitcoins'
    buy_limit: '&cYou can only buy {AMOUNT} bitcoins at one time.'
    cancel_button: '&c&l[Cancel]'
    cancel_button_hover: '&cClick to cancel'
    cancelled_exchange: '&cCancelled exchange.'
    cancelled_purchase: '&cCancelled purchase.'
    cancelled_transfer: '&cCancelled transfer.'
    cannot_transfer_to_self: '&cYou cannot transfer bitcoins to yourself.'
    cannot_use_commands: '&cYou cannot use commands at this time.'
    cannot_use_from_console: '&cYou cannot use this command from console.'
    - '&3Amount of bitcoins in circulation: &b{AMOUNT}'
    - '&3Circulation limit: &b{LIMIT}'
    command_name: /bitcoin
    complete_exchange: '&aSuccessfully sold {AMOUNT} bitcoins for ${NEW_AMOUNT}.'
    complete_purchase: '&aSuccessfully bought {AMOUNT} bitcoins for ${COST} plus ${TAX}
      in tax.'
    complete_transfer: '&aSuccessfully transferred {AMOUNT} bitcoins to &2{RECIPIENT}.'
    computer_broke: '&cYour computer broke!'
    computer_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    computer_disabled: '&cComputers are disabled, enable them in the config.'
    - '&3Craft a computer to mine bitcoins:'
    - '&b{RECIPE}'
    computer_in_use: '&cThis computer is currently in use.'
    - Used to mine bitcoins (place to use)
    - '&3Right-click: &bmine bitcoins'
    - '&3Left-click: &bcheck durability'
    - '&3Shift+click: &bbreak'
    computer_item_name: '&9Computer'
    computer_left_click: '&9Uses left: &b{USES}'
    cyan_tile: '&9&lCyan'
    exceeds_limit: '&cThis amount would cause the number of bitcoins in circulation to
      exceed the limit of {LIMIT} bitcoins.'
    exchange_item_lore: '&3Sell bitcoins to the bank'
    exchange_item_name: '&9&lSell Bitcoins'
    - '&cProgress will be saved'
    - '&c(as long as you don''t leave the server)'
    exit_item_name: '&4&lExit'
    generated_puzzle: '&aPuzzle generated, be the first player to solve it to earn bitcoins!'
    generating_puzzle: '&aA new puzzle is being generated...'
    give_command: '&aGave {AMOUNT} bitcoins to balance of &2{PLAYER}.'
    give_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    gray_tile: '&9&lGray'
    green_tile: '&9&lGreen'
    - ' '
    - '&9<<< Bitcoin Commands >>>'
    - '&3/bitcoin help: &bDisplay this page'
    - '&3/bitcoin value: &bView current bitcoin value'
    - '&3/bitcoin stats [player]: &bView player stats'
    - '&3/bitcoin bank: &bView amount of bitcoins in bank'
    - '&3/bitcoin tax: &bView the current purchase tax'
    - '&3/bitcoin circulation: &bView circulation info'
    - '&3/bitcoin top [bal/time/solved]: &bView players with the top stats'
    - '&3/bitcoin mine: &bOpen mining interface'
    - '&3/bitcoin transfer <player> <amount>: &bTransfer bitcoins'
    - '&3/bitcoin sell <amount>: &bSell bitcoins'
    - '&3/bitcoin buy <amount>: &bBuy bitcoins'
    - '&3/bitcoin blackmarket: &bOpen black market'
    - '&3/bitcoin blackmarket setslot <slot> <price> [stock]: &bEdit market'
    - '&3/bitcoin give <player> <amount>: &bAdd to balance'
    - '&3/bitcoin remove <player> <amount>: &bRemove from balance'
    - '&3/bitcoin set <player> <amount>: &bSet balance'
    - '&3/bitcoin reset <bal/mined/solved/time>: &bReset stats'
    - '&3/bitcoin computer <player> [amount]: &bGive computer'
    - '&3/bitcoin reload: &bReload plugin'
    - '&3/bitcoin cancel: &bCancel transfer/purchase/sell'
    help_item_lore: '&3Click for list of commands'
    help_item_name: '&9&lHelp'
    inactive_balance_reset: '&cThe bank reclaimed {AMOUNT} bitcoins from {PLAYER} for
    invalid_command: '&cInvalid command.'
    invalid_entry: '&cInvalid entry.'
    invalid_number: '&cInvalid number.'
    light_blue_tile: '&9&lLight Blue'
    light_gray_tile: '&9&lLight Gray'
    lime_tile: '&9&lLime'
    magenta_tile: '&9&lMagenta'
    menu_title: '&9&lBitcoin Menu'
    mining_item_lore: '&3Solve puzzles to earn bitcoins'
    mining_item_name: '&9&lBitcoin Mining'
    mining_menu_title: '&9&lBitcoin Mining'
    never_joined: '&4{PLAYER} &chas never joined the server.'
    no_economy: '&cNo economy plugin was detected.'
    no_permission: '&cYou do not have permission to use this command.'
    not_enough_bitcoins: '&cYou only have {BALANCE} bitcoins.'
    not_enough_in_bank: '&cThe bank only has {AMOUNT} bitcoins.'
    not_enough_money: '&cYou cannot afford this many bitcoins.'
    not_online: '&4{PLAYER} &cis not online.'
    nothing_to_cancel: '&cNothing to cancel.'
    orange_tile: '&9&lOrange'
    other_player_not_enough_bitcoins: '&c{PLAYER} only has {BALANCE} bitcoins.'
    pink_tile: '&9&lPink'
    purple_tile: '&9&lPurple'
    receive_bitcoins: '&aYou received {AMOUNT} bitcoins from &2{SENDER}.'
    red_tile: '&9&lRed'
    reload_command: '&aSuccessfully reloaded bitcoin.'
    remove_command: '&aRemoved {AMOUNT} bitcoins from balance of &2{PLAYER}.'
    remove_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    reset_command_bal: '&aSuccessfully reset all balances.'
    reset_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    reset_command_mined: '&aSuccessfully reset the bitcoins mined stat for all players.'
    reset_command_solved: '&aSuccessfully reset the puzzles solved stat for all players.'
    reset_command_time: '&aSuccessfully reset the best puzzle time stat for all players.'
    reset_item_lore: '&cClick to reset the tiles'
    reset_item_name: '&4&lReset'
    reward: '&aCongrats, you were rewarded {REWARD} bitcoins!'
    sell_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    set_command: '&aSet balance of &2{PLAYER} &ato {AMOUNT} bitcoins.'
    set_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    solve_item_lore: '&aClick when you think you solved the puzzle'
    solve_item_name: '&2&lSolve'
    - ' '
    - '&9<<< Bitcoin Announcement >>>'
    - '&3Puzzle solved by: &b{SOLVER}'
    - '&3Reward: &b{REWARD} bitcoins'
    - '&3Time: &b{MIN} minutes {SEC} seconds'
    - '&9<<< Your Stats >>>'
    - '&3Balance: &b{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    - '&3Mining puzzles solved: &b{AMOUNT_SOLVED}'
    - '&3Bitcoins mined: &b{AMOUNT_MINED}'
    - '&3Best puzzle time: &b{MIN} minutes {SEC} seconds'
    - '&9<<< {PLAYER}''s Stats>>>'
    - '&3Balance: &b{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    - '&3Mining puzzles solved: &b{AMOUNT_SOLVED}'
    - '&3Bitcoins mined: &b{AMOUNT_MINED}'
    - '&3Best puzzle time: &b{MIN} minutes {SEC} seconds'
    - '&3Balance: &b{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    - '&3Mining puzzles solved: &b{AMOUNT_SOLVED}'
    - '&3Bitcoins mined: &b{AMOUNT_MINED}'
    - '&3Best puzzle time: &b{MIN} minutes {SEC} seconds'
    statistic_item_name: '&9&lStatistics'
    tax_command: '&3Purchase tax: &b${TAX}'
    top_bal_command_format: '&3{PLACE}. {PLAYER}: &b{BALANCE} bitcoins'
    top_solved_command_format: '&3{PLACE}. {PLAYER}: &b{AMOUNT} puzzles'
    top_time_command_format: '&3{PLACE}. {PLAYER}: &b{MIN} minutes {SEC} seconds'
    top_bal_command_header: '&9<<< Top Bitcoin Balances >>>'
    top_solved_command_header: '&9<<< Most Puzzles Solved >>>'
    top_time_command_header: '&9<<< Fastest Puzzle Times >>>'
    transfer_command_invalid_arg: '&cInvalid argument.'
    transfer_item_lore: '&3Transfer bitcoins to another account'
    transfer_item_name: '&9&lTransfer Bitcoins'
    value_command: '&3Current value of 1 bitcoin: &b${VALUE}'
    - ' '
    - '&9<<< Bitcoin Announcement >>>'
    - '&3New bitcoin value: &b${VALUE}'
    - '&cValue has decreased by: &4${CHANGE}'
    - ' '
    - '&9<<< Bitcoin Announcement >>>'
    - '&3New bitcoin value: &b${VALUE}'
    - '&aValue has increased by: &2${CHANGE}'
    white_tile: '&9&lWhite'
    yellow_tile: '&9&lYellow'
    Code (Text):
    # 1.9+ sounds:
    # 1.8 sounds:
    black_market_not_enough_bitcoins: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    black_market_out_of_stock: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    black_market_purchase: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    cancelled_exchange: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    cancelled_purchase: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    cancelled_transfer: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    click_black_market_item: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    click_exchange_item: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    click_mining_item: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    click_solve_when_not_solved: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    click_transfer_item: ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP
    complete_exchange: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    complete_purchase: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    complete_transfer: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    exit_mining: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    no_economy: ENTITY_BAT_TAKEOFF
    puzzle_solved: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    real_value_announcement: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
    value_change: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP

    PlaceHolders (PlaceholderAPI or MVdWPlaceholderAPI)
    Code (Text):

    Player placeholders:
    Code (Text):

    Player placeholders:

    If you encounter a bug or have any questions feel free to post in the discussion tab or pm me!

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    Version: 2.5
    There is no support the plugin is great but in the wrong hands :( I wish someone would attend this resource
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    Version: 2.5
    pretty good, i just wish you could customize more stuff.

    i had to go online and learn how to solve a slide puzzle to get good at this plugin, and i've always wanted to know how to solve one. thank you :)
  3. TomakataABC
    Version: 2.5
    Very nice plugin. I love the way it works, but there could be sell/buy GUI for the bitcoin marketing. But it is still the best plugin I could find.
  4. SirMeliodas
    Version: 2.5
    Amazing plug-in with a lot of really cool features. It is really fun to use. It has some bugs for 1.16.3 version, but it works decently fine. I hope the developer continuous giving support to this plug-in.
  5. Evil0ctal
    Version: 2.5
    Nice plugin.but I want report a Bug,so when set the computer use time to1,If players make more than 1 computers,the computers will be count in one slot,for example 64 computers in one slot,and when they used computer to mine BTC,the slot will all gone,which is the 64 computers in the same slot will all dispear.
    And also a little suggestion,can you add BTC Sell Tax in the plugin,I saw there is a Purchase tax already in it,but there is no Sell Taxs.
  6. RLZ
    Version: 2.5
    Dope! I'd love if you added support for versions under 1.14 as well other than that the plugin is pretty incredible.
  7. ProMoRRom
    Version: 2.5
    Really good resource.
    Could you add examples of the API?
    I would like to know how to get a Player's Bitcoin balance, and be able to set a custom double/float value.
  8. James2555
    Version: 2.4
    Awesome plugin with an amazing concept. Would like to see some kind of bitcoin generator that you can buy with bitcoin from solving the problems i.e AntMiner, GPU mining, and USB miners. I'm not sure how hard that would be to implement but it would be awesome to see!
  9. TNTSquid
    Version: 2.3.5
    Great concept and i love how you mine bitcoins by actually solving a hard puzzle, but price fluctuation should be affected more by how close the current amount of bitcoins circulating to the limit, instead of just random increasing and dropping
  10. Shaun_
    Version: 2.3.5
    I'm amazed of how good this plugin is and how great it is professionally created, I really went down in the dumps knowing that the version which has got the best features (2.3+) doesn't support any version below 1.14, that really is the worst downside, I'd gladly give 5/5 ratings!