BKCommonLib 1.14.4-v1

Common utility library adding unique new features and API's

  1. TeamBergerhealer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    bergerkiller, Friwi, mg_1999 (lenis0012 timstans bubba1234119)

    Welcome to BKCommonLib for Minecraft 1.8.8+. You can report bugs to me in the discussion Thread. Please use the format I provided there. Thank you!

    Since April 16, 2017 release version names will be in a MCVersion-pluginversion format. Released versions support older Minecraft versions, too!

    The latest version of BKCommonLib is backwards-compatible with older versions of Minecraft. For example, BKCommonLib-1.13.2-v1.jar will work for 1.13.2, 1.13.1, ... 1.12.2, ... 1.10.2, ... 1.8. Please do not use an older version of BKCommonLib with older versions of Minecraft.

    The latest release supports the following server versions:
    • CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paperspigot
    • Minecraft versions:
      • [1.8]: 1.8 1.8.3 1.8.4 1.8.5 1.8.6 1.8.7 1.8.8
      • [1.9]: 1.9 1.9.2 1.9.4
      • [1.10]: 1.10.2
      • [1.11]: 1.11 1.11.2
      • [1.12]: 1.12 1.12.1 1.12.2
      • [1.13]: 1.13 1.13.1 1.13.2
      • [1.14]: 1.14 1.14.1 1.14.2 1.14.3 1.14.4
    Newer in-development builds are available on our Jenkins CI server:

    Alternative builds available (old!):
    1.70 for MC1.9.0 (v1_9_R1)
    1.57 for MC1.8.6-1.8.9 (v1_8_R3)

    Tekkit: Untested and thus unsupported, some features may not work as expected

    This utility library shares all the common code needs for various plugins, and having them in one library heavily reduces the amount of duplicated code. The featured utilities are varied, and whenever something is missing in Spigot, it is added in BKCommonLib. This is one of the reasons why it has become this large: there are simply a lot of things Spigot doesn't (want to) offer.

    BKCommonLib has versioning on a per-plugin basis, so when a certain plugin needs version 2, and version 1 is installed, the server owner is automatically notified and the plugin is not enabled. This prevents the common mishaps with outdated BKCommonLib versions. If you develop a plugin that uses BKCommonLib, make sure you depend on the earliest version that still offers the features you need. This makes sure your plugin remains functional on older Spigot builds.

    Other than utilities and services, this library offers a wide variety of reflection and user-friendly ways of accessing net.minecraft.server. If your plugin requires the use of the internals, but you do not want to risk changing field and method names, you can depend on BKCommonLib to provide them for you. This allows you to remain compatible between CraftBukkit versions automatically, and reduces silent failure hazards.

    Reasons for you to depend on this library
    • You need to access Minecraft internals in your plugin, and Spigot has no API for it
    • You are tired of re-uploading the same version over again because of the internals changing
    • You want to work with Vector/math logic, or need to use other utility classes
    • The YAML of Spigot dislikes you, and you want this to be easier
    • You want to easily read and write configuration/data files
    • You want easy access to data conversion utilities to convert user input
    • You want to work with inventories in an advanced fashion
    • You want to work with unique server events
    • You want to alter entity behaviour (such as handling block collisions, custom movement, etc.)
    • You want plugin messages/permissions to be configurable
    • You want to work with (async)tasks without storing IDs
    • You want to send and manipulate packets
    • You want to toy with unique new APIs
    • General
    • Utilities
      • General utilities for String, Logic, BlockFace and Math operations
      • Block utilities for Block-related operations (states, data, etc.)
      • ItemUtil for Inventory, Items and Item Transfer utilities
      • RecipeUtil to work with crafting and furnace recipes
      • Various Collections for filtering, type conversion, and transformation
      • Utilities for retrieving all the players, entities, or block states in a chunk or on a world efficiently
      • Utilities for accessing world and chunk block data efficiently, bypassing physics and batch processing
    • Data storage
    • Entities
    • Services
      • Conversion for conversions between all types of data
      • Events and Listeners to keep track of changes on the server
      • Packet services and API to keep track of packets
      • Task class for easier task scheduling
      • Scoreboard services to setup scoreboards without criteria
      • Tab View service to alter what is shown when players press tab (support for Tab View will be readded soon)
      • MapDisplay services to display interactive and dynamic image contents on Minecraft maps
    Getting started
    To start using BKCommonLib, you have to include the jar file as a dependency (after adding BKCommonLib as dependency in the plugin.yml):

    Like any dependency, keep the jar file somewhere on your computer and add it to your classpath. Nothing special here.

    Dependencies BKCommonLib uses
    BKCommonLib supports various other plugins and projects. Below all of these are listed:

    • Vault - for permission plugin support
    • ProtocolLib - to avoid packet listening conflicts
    • Showcase(Standalone) - to ignore showcased items
    • HyperConomy - to ignore shop items
    • BleedingMobs - to ignore particles
    • CGLib - for generating nms.Entity classes on-the-fly to supply Entity Controllers
    • Objenesis - for generating classes without calling constructors (needed for various fixes inside class constructors)
    Plugins that require BKCommonLib to be installed:
    1. TC ActionBlocks
    2. TC Hangrail
    3. MinecraftTrainSimulator
    This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/)

    BKCommonLib supports ProtocolLib when it is enabled, but if it is not, the player connection is replaced resulting in several incompatibilities. To fix these incompatibility issues, install ProtocolLib next to BKCommonLib. This can not be stressed enough. When incompatibility occurs, BKCommonLib will notify you in the console and will disable itself.

    @bergerkiller resumed development under the banner of TeamBergerhealer since March, 2017. This plugin has been in development for many years:
    1. Credits go to @bergerkiller, lenis0012 and timstans for developing the original version of this plugin until version 1.57
    2. Credits go to @mg_1999 and @KamikazePlatypus for their MC 1.8 fork of this plugin, including packet system changes
    3. Credits go to @Friwi for updating and maintaining the plugin for MC 1.8 and 1.9 until late december 2016

    If you really like my work and want to give something in return, feel free to donate something small to me using the link down below. Thank you! :)


Recent Reviews

  1. TMCThomas00
    Version: 1.13.2-v3
    Amazing and complex. Thanks for keeping this plugin updated, works perfectly with traincarts.
  2. AntivirusDev
    Version: 1.13.2-v3
    You can't truly appreciate this plugin unless you're a developer. No more digging through wiki.vg to find NMS protocol, no more buggy items/inventories/chunks, and no more messy packet code. This is by far the best game utility library I've ever used, and is a much more consolidated option to using NMS. Perfect for intensive server plugins and multiple-version backward compatibility.
  3. SirLemonade
    Version: 1.13.2-v2
    I download this for Traincarts plugin. Does its job. I recommend getting a dev build though.
  4. TheRobLP
    Version: 1.13.2-v2
    Great plugin. Does its job, is up-to-date, and the developers are so nice and helpful which makes this Plugin one of the most awesome ones I ever used.
  5. Kikisito
    Version: 1.13.2-v2
    I use this plugin because I've TrainCarts in my server, and I'm really happy with it, it's a good API. It also has a very good support: if you have a problem, the developer is always trying to help you. I recommend it^^
  6. Joiubaxas
    Version: 1.13.1-v4
    Greatest map management API ever! I don't know what I would have done without this library. Map color conversion method is about 200+ times faster than the bukkit method.
  7. PatrickBronke
    Version: 1.13.1-v4
    Really good plugin! When will the update for 1.13.2 come?
    I need it for TrainCarts.
    1. TeamBergerhealer
      Author's Response
      Theres a dev build out since yesterday, it's still in the process of being tested
  8. iNiperx
    Version: 1.13.1-v4
    This allows me to use the Light-Cleaner plugin which saves a lot of OCD frustration for me and I dont see performance impact on the server, can't wait for this to work on 1.13.2 (waiting for an update)
  9. MothMuse
    Version: 1.12.2-v4
  10. bbayu
    Version: 1.12.2-v4
    This is an amazing plugin. With this plugin, I was able to create something that I originally thought was impossible in Minecraft! Keep up the good work!