BKCommonLib v1.16.5-v2

Common utility library adding unique new features and API's

  1. Minecraft 1.16.5 support update, other improvements

    • [Added] Support for Minecraft 1.16.5
    • [Added] Lighting handler support for Tuinity Starlight engine
    • [Added] Compatibility for Mohist 1.12.2 namespace changes
    • [Added] YAML change listeners and cloning functions
    • [Added] Clickable run and suggested commands to ChatText API
    • [Added] IPermissionEnum interface alternative to PermissionEnum
    • [Improved] Extra hardening against I/O errors when reading YAML
    • [Improved] Make BlockData cache multithread-safe
    • [Improved] Squash warnings about cross-plugin access when using the ClassInterceptor
    • [Fixed] 'Buffer clear method not found' error
    • [Fixed] Cast error in PlayerChunk on MC 1.8.8 and older
    • [Fixed] NPE when non-mapdisplay maps end up triggering map show events
    • [Fixed] Occasional server crash when writing lighting data to chunks
    • [Fixed] 'Dimension is not registered' errors for custom dimensions
    • [Fixed] Permission defaults not loaded right when a permission has 'default' in the name
    • [Changed] Map Displays
      • Add double-precision x/y pixel coordinates to MapClickEvent
      • Fix up-facing or down-facing item frames not supporting clicks
      • Add function to find the coordinates on a map a player is looking at
      • Add MapDisplay getter by UUID
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