BKCommonLib v1.16.5-v2

Common utility library adding unique new features and API's

  1. Custom server compatibility updates, protocollib fix

    • Fixes Protocollib TemporaryPlayer causing errors
    • Restores support for the Tuinity Starlight engine
    • Restores compatibility with ArcLight 1.15.2 and 1.16.5
    • Fixes getBlockData() not working on Forge CubicChunks
    • Fixes incorrect FishingHook HOOKED_ENTITY data key
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  2. Minecraft 1.16.5 support update, other improvements

    • [Added] Support for Minecraft 1.16.5
    • [Added] Lighting handler support for Tuinity Starlight engine
    • [Added] Compatibility for Mohist 1.12.2 namespace changes
    • [Added] YAML change listeners and cloning functions
    • [Added] Clickable run and suggested commands to ChatText API
    • [Added]...
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  3. Keeping players near locked seats post-1.16, important bugfixes

    Small update this time to address some problems. The previous release broke on some builds of Spigot 1.15.2. In addition there was a problem with setBlockFast, which caused placement of upside-down rails to fail in Traincarts. Both have been fixed.

    An important new feature is added that teleports players near their seat while they sneak, preventing them from wandering off. If there's any problems, it can be turned off in the config.yml of BKCommonLib.
  4. Minecraft 1.16.4 support, compatibility fixes for forge and cubicchunks

    • Adds support for Spigot/Paper 1.16.4
    • Fixes asynchronous chunk loading bug on forge
    • Adds support for CubicChunks (light cleaner)
    • Fixes toLegacy reflection error on some builds of 1.15.2
    • Removed TabView API, had too many (performance) problems
    • Map Displays
      • Fixes UI sounds being played to non-holders of the map
      • Adds method to create map items with certain properties set
    • Javadoc and sources jar should now be available...
  5. Minecraft 1.16.3 support, compatibility fixes and bugfixes

    • Added minecraft 1.16.3 support
    • Added support for 1.16.2 changes in tuinity and purpur
    • Fix opaque faces for doors, trapdoors, carpet and others (affects light cleaner)
    • Fix light heightmap calculations for 1.14 and later (affects light cleaner)
    • Fix error on 1.13.2 and earlier when initializing block data
    • Fix map rendering of vine blocks
    • Other minor changes and additions
  6. Minecraft 1.16.2 support, adds support for forge hybrid servers

    • Add support for Minecraft 1.16.2
    • Add forge support for Magma 1.12.2
    • Add forge support for Mohist 1.12.2
    • Add forge support for CatServer 1.12.2
    • Add forge support for Arclight 1.15.2
    • Add BlockData API for retrieving the opaque faces of a block
    • Add 1.16 Map Color Palette format support
    • Add MapDisplay Marker (Map Icon) support
    • Add PlayerRespawnPoint API
    • Add complete end platform and nether portal searching & creation...
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  7. Compatibility update for Minecraft 1.16.1, new features, fixes

    • [Added] Support for Minecraft 1.16.1
    • [Fixed] Compatibility with recent changes in Paperspigot, Purpur and Tuinity
    • [Fixed] Internal error some people had when run on OpenJDK
    • [Changed] Dimension and SoundEffect API now use Resource Keys, changed class paths
    • [Changed] EntityController onInteract...
  8. Compatibility update for latest Paperspigot, fixes, additions

    Important compatibility update for recent changes in Paperspigot. Fixes support for the lighting handler (Light Cleaner) and fixes some errors that occurred because of changes in the server PlayerChunkMap.

    • Fixed move handler firing block collision events with incorrect BlockFace
    • Fixed incompatibility problem with ProtocolSupport
    • Fixed several different errors that occurred in the map display handler
    • Fixed potential corrupted minecraft client...
  9. Compatibility update for paperspigot, tuinity and purpur

    Some breakages occurred as paperspigot was updated, as well as some forks ended up breaking compatibility. This has been resolved.

    An important fix: fixes custom entities (Traincarts trains) disappearing when they are unloaded and reloaded, especially during server restart. This was especially a problem on Paperspigot.

    • Added support for Purpur server fork
    • Added support for Tuinity server fork
    • Added support for recent changes in Paperspigot...
  10. Memory leak bugfix and performance enhancing patches

    A rather severe memory leak was uncovered when BKCommonLib was used together with Traincarts. Besides patching this bug, performance was improved in a lot of areas found through profiling the server.

    Memory Usage
    • [Fixed] Severe memory leak when spawning and teleporting entities because of glitch in ClassHook thread local cleanup
    • [Fixed] Input streams were not closed when loading map texture...