BlackJack [1.8-1.14] [XP Support added] 1.6.1

A menu-based blackjack game at its core.

  1. Added new messages to config.yml


    What's new?

    - Added two new sets of messages to the config to be configured.

    New messages
    Code (Text):
    # Names of cards
    spades: "Spades"
    hearts: "Hearts"
    clubs: "Clubs"
    diamonds: "Diamonds"
    jack: "Jack"
    queen: "Queen"
    king:  "King"
    ace: "Ace"

    amount-added: "&a+$amount$"
    amount-subtracted: "&c-$amount$"
    How to update:

    1. Add the above messages to the config.yml
    2. Reload / restart and your good to go.

  2. Added xp support for Blackjack! Perfect for Survival servers!


    What's new?

    - Added support for XP to used instead of economy when playing blackjack.

    How do you enable this? Easily! Set the following value in your config.yml to false.

    Code (Text):
    cash-or-xp: false
    How to install?
    1. Just drag/replace with v1.6 and reload/restart!
  3. Added all messages to config


    What's new?

    - Added rest of messages to config.yml, hopefully this should be all, if there are more messages unconfigurable, let me know.

    - Fixed a bug with the ratio not showing correctly in /blackjack <player>

    How to update?
    1. Add the following messages to your config.yml
    Code (Text):

    # New messages
    blackjack: "&bBLACKJACK"
    previous-game: "&7Opening previous game. . ."
    wins-stat: "&cWins: &f$amount$"
    loss-stat: "&cLosses: &f$amount$"
    ratio-stat: "&cW/L Ratio:...
  4. Added new animation, blackjack multiplier, more configurable messages


    What's new?

    - Added a multiplier for blackjack (configurable)

    - Added a blackjack animation


    - Made more messages configurable / brought back some messages that were taken out

    How to update
    1. Download v1.5.3
    2. Add the following to your config.yml
    Code (Text):
    change-bet-amount: "&eChange bet amount"
    your-bet-amount: "&eYour bet amount"

    continue-playing: "Continue playing, $player$?"

    # Should there be a multiplier for...
  5. Fixed bug, added new config option


    What's new?

    - Fixed bug where players could continuously play even if they lost all their money (not as bad of a bug as last update)

    - Added new config option to disable showing the buttons for changing the bet amount.

    How to update
    1. Download v1.5.2
    2. Add the following to your config.yml
    Code (Text):

    # Disable the change bet buttons? (Players cannot change their amount in the bet)
    enable-change-bet: true
    3. Reload / restart
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  6. HOT-FIX


    What's new?

    - Unfortunately, with the addition of sessions in v1.5, there is a pretty significant bug where player's balances were not being deducted when they lose a game of Blackjack. If your economy seems inflated, this is probably the reason. v1.5.1 has the new fix. Sorry for the inconveniences this brings.

    How to update?
    1. Just drag/replace and reload/restart. I apologize for the bug.
  7. Added sessions, config option to toggle surrender


    What's new?

    - Added a new menu for sessions with the ability to change the bet amount, essentially, you can play games right after one another without having to run another command.

    - Added the config option to toggle surrender

    - Fixed a bug that ruined /blackjack <player-name>

    What's next to come?
    I've had a lot of positive feedback on the plugin which is great! Thank you all for the encouragement--it helps a ton.

    I'll most likely add the following in the next...
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  8. Added admin stats commnd, new option to surrender


    What's new?

    - Added blackjack admin command (permission blackjack.admin) (/blackjackadmin)

    - Added new option to surrender in a game and lose only half of your betting amount.

    How to install
    1. Download v1.4
    2. Replace old version with v1.4
    3. Add the following messages to your config.yml
    Code (Text):
    surrender-item: "&eSurrender"
    surrender-lore: "&7&o(Retain half of your bet)"
    surrender-message: "&eYou surrendered, keeping $amount$ of your original $bet$ bet!"
  9. Added a /bj alias, fixed critical issue of no winnings being given if taxes are not enabled


    What's new?

    - Added /bj as an alias for /blackjack

    - Fixed issue where if you had taxes disabled, players wouldn't be given the correct amount of money when they won a game

    If you have taxes enabled, you do not need to update.

    How to update

    1. Replace old version with and reload/restart
  10. Tied matches now give money back, bounds issue fixed.


    What's new?

    - Bug found by @OwningProds where tie games did not give money back.

    - IndexOutOfBounds exception fixed

    How to update
    1. Drag/replace and restart your server