BlackJack [1.8-1.14] 1.3.3

A menu-based blackjack game at its core.

  1. Added more requested features (SEE CONFIG INSTRUCTIONS)


    What's new?

    - Added taxes on winnings (can be turned off) Requested by @Spalw

    - Added the ability to run a command when a game starts to hook into your own systems. Requested by @Spalw

    - Added a minimum and maximum bet options (can be turned off) Requested by @GreenMist10

    - Added an AutoUpdater that will notify you when new versions of Blackjack come out!

    How to update
    1. Download v1.3.3
    2. Edit your...
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  2. 1.14 support


    What's new?

    - Support for 1.14+

    Plugin is now compatible 1.8-1.14

    How to install
    1. Just replace the jar, that's it!
  3. Fixed Join bug


    What's new?

    + Fixed NPE discovered by @starnos

    How to update
    1. Download and install v1.3.1
    2. Reload or restart
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  4. Added player stats and a tutorial


    What's new?

    Hello! Yes, I still update this plugin and will continue too.. just give me ideas and I'll do my best to get them done.

    + Player stats. Do /blackjack <player> to see a player's wins, losses, and w/l ratio

    + A tutorial. It is a simple tutorial that just vomits words, this will be made more elegant. Click on the paper in the blackjack inventory to see.

    How to update
    1. Download/install v1.3
    2. Delete your config.yml to see new messages, or add these to it....
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  5. Put player score in menu


    What's new?

    - Added the player's score for players who are new to blackjack
    - Added a new tutorial that is not fully done yet, but the messages are here.

    New messages to add to config
    Code (Text):
    tutorial-name: "&eDon't know how to play? Click me!"
       - "&eWelcome to this BlackJack tutorial! To cancel, type &ccancel"
       - "&eThe goal of the game is to get as close to a score of 21 without going over, and beat the dealer by having a higher score. "
       - "&eCards 2-10 are...
  6. Added new config feature/addressed a bug


    What's new?

    - Added a new config option and feature called "overflow", where a player can bet more money than they have.

    Add the following to your config.yml

    Code (YAML):

    # This is a toggle of whether or not players should be allowed to bet more money than they currently have
    : false
    # If the above is set to true, this is the max amount they can bet of money theey don't have
    : 1000
    How to install
    1. Get rid of old jar
    2. Add the text...
  7. Now supporting 1.8-1.13


    Thanks to @Hex_27, I've been able to add support for 1.8 very easily (XMaterial class)

    If you're running 1.13 there is no need to update.

    How to update:
    1. Replace old jar with v1.1
    2. Reload/restart
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