BlackList Command 1.0

Blacklist any command you like without having to edit permissions

  1. Bolt
    No more searching everywhere on the internet just to block that one command from regular players. No more waiting weeks for developers to reply to you to tell you what permission is required to prevent players from using that command. With Blacklist command, you can simply input a command in the config and only people with the Blacklist permission bypass can use that command.

    Command :
    /bc help - Display the help interface
    /bc reload - Reload the plugin
    /bc list - Display the list of blocked commands
    /bc add - Add a command to the blacklist
    /bc del - Remove a command from the blacklist

    Config :
    error-message - Input a custom message to display to users when they try to enter a blocked command
    commands - The list of blacklisted commands. You can manually add commands here or add them in-game via /bc add or remove them with /bc del
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Recent Reviews

  1. 789101112
    Version: 1.0
    perfectly simple and easy. this stops commands that i'm too lazy to locate and set/remove all the groups' permissions to block.
  2. jolo23
    Version: 1.0
    Naja, geht nicht, sonst gut.

    Ich hoffe du änderst noch das es auch für 1.8.9 Server geht da updating steht.