Blacklist 1.0.1

Zensiere Wörter die du auf deinem Server nicht Lesen willst!

  1. D0m3

    With this Plugin you can censor certain words.
    An easy service in one writes all words in a. txt file (per line a word and not in the Config) which is generated.
    With questions I stand with pleasure at possession :)

    Planned functions

    * Capitalisation and use of small letters ignore *

    * Words with a Command add *
    * All words with a Command list *
    * Reload Command for the Plugin *
    * Permissions for the Commands *
    * Block Commands *


    1. 0. 1
    Every single letter is substituted
    Capitalisation and use of small letters is ignore

Recent Reviews

  1. TheEpicFish
    Version: 1.0.1
    The Download isn't available! Please fix this..
    What shoud that??
    Best Regards, TheEpicFish