BlastFishing | Fishing with TNT! | Customizable 1.5.5

Fishing with TNT! Customizable loot tables and more!

  1. jstnf
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    BlastFishing is a highly customizable plugin that adds fishing with TNT in Minecraft. Simply drop it into your plugins folder and you're ready to go!

    Submerge the TNT into water in order to begin fishing!

    BlastFishing allows you to customize its loot table, as well as the number of items that spawn in. Want a small chance to earn a diamond when TNT fishing? BlastFishing makes it easy!


    • Customizable loot tables!
    • Change the radius of the TNT!
    • Change the chances that a fish will spawn!
    • Easy configuration!

    BlastFishing has the following commands:

    /blastfishing or /bf
    Displays all commands for BlastFishing.

    /blastfishing toggle
    Enables or disables BlastFishing for the entire server.

    /blastfishing playercheck
    Enables or disables a check that insures a player detonated the TNT.

    /blastfishing permissioncheck
    Enables or disables the need for the permission blastfishing.use to blast fish.

    /blastfishing reload
    Reloads the config file for BlastFishing.

    BlastFishing has the following permissions:
    Code (Text):
        description: Gives access to all BlastFishing commands and perks.
          blastfishing.blastfishing: true
          blastfishing.toggle: true
          blastfishing.use: true
          blastfishing.toggle.playercheck: true
          blastfishing.toggle.permissioncheck: true
          blastfishing.reload: true
        description: Allows the use of the /blastfishing command.
        default: true
        description: Allows blast fishing if permission check is enabled.
        default: false
        description: Allows the user to toggle BlastFishing for the entire server.
        default: false
        description: Allows the user to toggle the player check for BlastFishing.
        default: false
        description: Allows the user to toggle the permission check for BlastFishing.
        default: false
        description: Allows the user to reload the BlastFishing configuration.
        default: false

    Config for BlastFishing is as easy as counting to 3!

    For the loot tables, a list of all items can be found here:

    Default config.yml:
    Code (Text):
    # BlastFishing Configuration File
    # check-permissions - If true, only spawn fish from blast fishing if player has the permission blastfishing.use.
    # check-if-player - If true, only spawn fish if the TNT was detonated by a player.
    # enabled-on-server - If true, blast fishing will be enabled.
    # blast-fishing-radius - Amount of blocks out from TNT that BlastFishing will check for water and (potentially) spawn a fish.
    # chance-per-block - Percentage change that a fish will spawn in a checked block. If set to 30, there is a 30% chance a fish will spawn.
    # loot-table - The item(s) gained from fishing followed by its weight. The higher the number, the more likely it is to be chosen.
    # loot-table syntax: <id>:<data-value>: <weight>
    #                    <id>: <weight>
    # Example:
    # loot-table:
    #   RAW_FISH: 2
    #   COOKED_FISH: 1
    #   RAW_FISH:1: 2
    #   STICK: 1
    # This loot table will cause the likelihood of RAW_FISH to be 2 times that of COOKED_FISH.
    # Additionally, the likelihood that RAW_FISH:1 (Raw Salmon) will spawn is equal to that of RAW_FISH.
    # You can also add other items besides fish!

    check-permissions: true
    check-if-player: true
    enabled-on-server: true
    blast-fishing-radius: 2
    chance-per-block: 30
      COOKED_FISH:1: 9
      RAW_FISH:3: 13
      RAW_FISH: 40
      RAW_FISH:2: 2
      RAW_FISH:1: 16
      COOKED_FISH: 20

    To-Do List

    • Possible support for a lang.yml file
    • Ability to add enchants, damage values, and lore to items in loot table
    • GUI to toggle options on and off
    Need Help?
    I am a friendly guy who makes plugins. If you ever need my help, feel free to add me on Discord or join my Discord server and leave whenever you feel.

    DISCORD: jstnf#2626

Recent Reviews

  1. qsefthuopq
    Version: 1.5.5
    It's a great plugin but it only triggered by flint_and_steel .
    1. jstnf
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I will look into testing this ASAP.

      Note: If you are trying to use any other method of activating the TNT such as Redstone, you'll need to disable the player check (checks if a player is the one who set off the TNT). You can do so by changing 'check-if-player' to false in the config.yml or by running the command /bf playercheck in-game.

      Happy fishing!