bList 0.0.1

Hide yourself from the default BungeeCord /glist command, with /blist

  1. _Cory_
    Support via IRC at #ryred. I may be asleep, but it will be the fastest method of contact if I'm at my pc, along with teamspeak at

    So this is a modified version of the cmd_list.
    It should all be clean and look exactly the same.

    • ac3.blist = Allow access to show the list.
    • ac3.blist.admin = Gives the abilities to add and remove users to the "Exemption" list, or reload the existing config list.
    • /blist - Shows the users and their servers.
    • /blist add [username] - Adds a user to the exempt list.
    • /blist del [username] - If you guess, I'll put your name here.
    • /blist reload - Do I have to say?
    :p <3

    Code (spiget-extra (Unknown Language)):