Block all 5.1

Block Hunger, Build (on and disable), Damage, PVP, Join- and Leave Message

  1. MinenBau2002
    The plugin Blocks all annoying when you want to play in the lobby with his friends and does not want to use several plugins. Then the plugin is exactly right for you.

    /build -> Enables and disables the build
    /build <PlayerName> -> Enables and disables the building for other players

    /build -> ""
    /build <PlayerName> -> ""

    - Download the plugin
    - Put the plugin in your plugin folder
    - Restart your server
    - Have fun

    - A config.yml for setting the Nachrrichten DONE!
    - reload command DONE!

    Please write me bugs... :)
    write me for more ideas! ;)

    You can use this Plugin for your own server.
    You are not allowed to code it.
    You are not allowed to share the Plugin, without my Permission.

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    You can do it HERE:

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  1. Bug Fix
  2. Config Bugs fix and mistake
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  1. Paulter
    Version: 5.1
    Very good plugin, more i can't say... Very good job... PLease make more Plugins like this.... Your Paulter