Block Explosion 1.0

A Fun Plugin That Packs a Big Punch!

    Block Exploder is a fun plugin that you can add to your server that will allow users to have a lot of fun, yet still ensure that everything stays intact. It works in this way:
    A user with the permission blockexplosion.command can enter the command /blockexplosion
    The user will then be given a "Block Exploder", an item with incredible power!
    The user can then interact with the "Block Exploder" and a snowball will be launched.
    On impact, 10 piggies will be spread around the area, then two seconds later, they will all disappear into blocks that are then thrown around the area!
    The best part about this plugin is that it doesn't damage the world. So players can feel free to use this as much as they want without having to rebuild all of their precious creations!

    Please let me know if you have suggestions, questions, or comments! I will respond here in the comments, in the forums, or by private message(preferred). I hope you enjoy!

    Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png