Block Messages 2.1

Sends custom messages (chat, hotbar, title, subtitle, JSON) to players, when they click blocks.

  1. Michel_0
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    This plugin gives you the opportunity, to send any player any message, when they click pre-defined blocks.

    • Define any block you want
    • Define any message for this block
    • Messages even on different worlds
    • Optional enable the permission 'blockmessages.receive' for players who click the block to recieve the message
    • Use ingame commands to add new messages or remove old ones (secured by permissions, of course)
    • This plugin implements many, powerful chat options:
      • Normal chat messages, regular and JSON
      • Hotbar chat messages, regular and JSON
      • Title chat messages, regular and JSON
      • Subtitle chat messages, regular and JSON
      • Title + Subtitle chat messages, regular and JSON
      • All messages support '&' as color code character
      • See the Chat Reference

    <>: Necessary Parameter
    Code (commands (Unknown Language)):
    /blockmessage -> Shows subcommands syntax
    /blockmessage add <X> <Y> <Z> <Message> -> Adds a new message
    /blockmessage remove <X> <Y> <Z> -> Removes existing message
    Code (permissions (Unknown Language)):
    blockmessage.use -> use any blockmessage commands
    blockmessage.add -> /blockmessage add subcommand
    blockmessage.remove -> /blockmessage remove subcommand

    if permission-check: true in config
    blockmessage.receive -> Recieve messages from defined blocks
    Configuration (config.yml):
    Code (YAML):
    # Define, if 'blockmessages.receive' is needed to receive messages:
    # --------------------------------
    : false
    Messages (messages.yml):
    Code (YAML):
    # Define the ingame messages
    # --------------------------------
    # As regular message or JSON
    # As Chat, Hotbar, Title, Subtitle texts
    # See here:
    # --------------------------------
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Added new blockmessage!'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Syntax: /blockmessage add <X> <Y> <Z> <Message>'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Removed blockmessage.'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Syntax: /blockmessage remove <X> <Y> <Z>'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Could not find specified message.'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o You are not permitted to do this!'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Syntax: /blockmessage <add|remove> <...>'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o Only players can use this command.'
    : '[&7&oBlock&8&oMessage&r]&o File can not be saved.'
    Blockmessages (blocks.yml):
    Code (YAML):
    # Define the blockmessages:
    # --------------------------------
    # Syntax: Location: String
    # Syntax: 'world_X_Y_Z': 'Message'
    # --------------------------------
    # As regular message or JSON
    # As Chat, Hotbar, Title, Subtitle texts
    # See here:
    # --------------------------------
    # I defined 4 example messages for you. Delete them, if you defined your own.
    # --------------------------------
    : 'HOTBAR:JSON:{text:"&9hotbar &atext &9needed?"}'
    : '&e&oA simple message'
    : 'JSON:{text:"",extra:[{text:"["},{text:"Block",color:"gray",italic:"true",hoverEvent:{action:"show_text",value:"&e&oby &6&l&nMichel_0"}},{text:"Message",color:"dark_gray",italic:"true",hoverEvent:{action:"show_text",value:"&e&oby &6&l&nMichel_0"}},{text:"]"},{text:" -> ",italic:"true"},{text:"Website",color:"blue",clickEvent:{action:"open_url",value:""},hoverEvent:{action:"show_text",value:"&a&oPage will be opened in external Webbrowser!"}}]}'
    : 'TITLE:&aAnother &6messageSUBTITLE:JSON:{text:"some text",color:"red"}'
    • No external APIs used (only Spigot and my own)!
    • No other plugins necessary
    • Detailed tested on Spigot 1.8.8 without any problems
    • Should be compatible to all 1.8.X
    • Compiled by Java 8 SDK, your Server should be running on Java 8 JRE to use this plugin
    • This plugin uses metrics by MC Stats (
    Need additional Features or got some interesting ideas?
    Leave a reply and i'll add this or other functions if requested.

    Special thanks to @UltraNet, who gave me the idea of this plugin (Here).

    Replys and ratings and suggestions welcome.

Recent Updates

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  3. Ingame Commands

Recent Reviews

  1. UltraNet
    Version: 1.6
    After the first update the author listened to my comment and has now made this amazing plugin! Thank you for taking my idea and turning it into a plugin <3 Amazing guy and amazing plugin!
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      You're welcome.
  2. UltraNet
    Version: 1.3
    Good plugin and does what I want, But the only bad thing I can say about it. Is that colors dont work in the messages
    1. Michel_0
      Author's Response
      Color works with ยง and matching character sets of your config.yml and Java Machine.
      Anyway added & as color sign by v. 1.4.
      So now use the '&' character to be safe using colors.