Block Messages 2.1

Sends custom messages (chat, hotbar, title, subtitle, JSON) to players, when they click blocks.

  1. JSON Supported Messages

    It's now possible to define JSON Text messages!
    Minecraft JSON Text gives you many useful options like hover texts or clickable texts (to open a URL or run a command by clicking the text).
    You'll find a JSON Text Reference here: or also here:
    There are also some Websites to generate JSON Text automatically.
    Make sure, that your JSON Text isn't malformed.

    How to define? Simple! Just add "JSON:" before the message. Example:
    Code (YAML):
    'JSON:{text:"This is a JSON formatted text!",color:"yellow"}'
    The character '&' will still be parsed as color format.

    Keep in mind, the Prefix won't be added to JSON Texts.
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