Block Messages 2.1

Sends custom messages (chat, hotbar, title, subtitle, JSON) to players, when they click blocks.

  1. The rich chat update

    The biggest change of this update are the new possibilities of chat messages.
    Now you can define regular chat messages, JSON chat messages, Hotbar messages, JSON Hotbar messages, Titles (+ Subtitles) and JSON Titles (+ Subtitles).
    How? See here: Chat API Reference.

    But this is not the only change! I also splitted the prior config.yml into several YAML files. Now you got config.yml (permission settings), messages.yml (ingame plugin messages) and blocks.yml (block messages).

    Furthermore i completely redesigned the internal software architecture. It's now more structured and more stable.

    The "prefix" function seems pretty useless to me, so i removed it.

    At last now it contains statistics by MC Stats (
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