Block Messages 2.1

Sends custom messages (chat, hotbar, title, subtitle, JSON) to players, when they click blocks.

  1. The rich chat update

    The biggest change of this update are the new possibilities of chat messages.
    Now you can define regular chat messages, JSON chat messages, Hotbar messages, JSON Hotbar messages, Titles (+ Subtitles) and JSON Titles (+ Subtitles).
    How? See here: Chat API Reference.

    But this is not the only change! I also splitted the prior config.yml into several YAML files. Now you got config.yml (permission settings),...
  2. JSON Supported Messages

    It's now possible to define JSON Text messages!
    Minecraft JSON Text gives you many useful options like hover texts or clickable texts (to open a URL or run a command by clicking the text).
    You'll find a JSON Text Reference here: or also here:
    There are also some Websites to generate JSON Text automatically.
    Make sure, that your JSON Text isn't malformed.

    How to define? Simple! Just add "JSON:"...
  3. Ingame Commands

    This update allows you to define and delete Block Messages from ingame (they will be automatically be saved / deleted from the config)!
    So from now on you don't need to set them per config anymore.
    But of course you can still use the config like before.
  4. Prefix and Permission

    I extended the functionality, now you also can:
    • Define a global Prefix for all Messages
    • Optional disable the prefix
    • Define a permission, the Player will need, otherwise he won't get the message
    • Optional disable the permission
  5. Color parsing

    To avoid character set incompatibilities I added parsing '&' as color code.
    It's a intelligent parsing! '&' will only be converted to a formatting code, it it's directly followed by a valid formatting code (0-9, a-f, A-F, k-o, K-O, r, R). Otherwise won't be changed.