Block Particles v1.9.8

Do you have boring blocks? Well not any more with Particle Blocks. Add particles to your blocks Now!

  1. BadBones69
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    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Dev: BadBones69, Plugin Idea: _Sam, ParticleAPI: Inventivetalent

    1.8.8 - 1.12.2 User?
    Block Particles has dropped support for older Minecraft versions. The last available version was
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    Hello, there and welcome to Block Particles. This plugin adds particles to your blocks to make them look more attractive. I have created this plugin to help make your server more awesome. Do you have a crates plugin that you love to use but it doesn't have a cool particle effect? Well, now you can add particles to it so players are like. "Wow, that is cool how they have that on their Crates." So make sure to add this Plugin right away if you feel like that.

    /Bp Help Lists all Block Particle Commands.
    /Bp List Lists all Block Particle Locations.
    /Bp Add <Location Name> Create a new Block Particle Location.
    /Bp Delete <Location Name> Delete a Block Particle Location.
    /Bp Set <Location Name> [Type] Set the Block Particle Locations Particle.
    /Bp Types Shows all Types of Particles that can be used.
    /Bp Reload Reload all Block Particle Locations.

    *Permission for all commands is bparticles.admin

    If you Love this Plugin <3


    @inventivetalent: for allowing me to use her ParticleAPI in this to allow 1.9 and 1.10 compatibility. Check the ParticleAPI out here.

Recent Updates

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  3. v1.9.7.1 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Pakho
    Version: v1.9.8
    ParticleAPI could not download... Can you add functionality to the armor rack??!!!
  2. MineMax10
    Version: v1.9.8
    Thanks for 1.13 Update! I finally dont have to use command blocks for particles! :)
  3. ToxicSpin
    Version: v1.9.8
    Excellent plugin, thanks for the 1.13.2 update! I've been loving the plugin so far. Keep it up
  4. miguelrebolo
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    This plugin have lag when i start my server.And i cant create my custom particles.
  5. Bodyash
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    Very good, used it for 1.12.2. Author should upload 1.13 version from github to spigotmc.
  6. CCCCarsten
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    ++++++++ Good plugin! But unfortunately not for 1.13. +++++++++
    ++++++++ Good plugin! But unfortunately not for 1.13. +++++++++
  7. DrOreo002
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    Cool plugin for my server ;). Thanks a bunch man xD it helps a lot!

    100 Charsssss
  8. Nic2
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    Doesn't work in 1.13 . The only thing that works it the halloween foutain. Everything else doesn't work .... Please could you update it ???
  9. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    exelent plugin am have problem why add console ejecute command send error and not work please allow to console execute command add
  10. Dearinase
    Version: v1.9.7.2
    Plugin is really good on the last version I used of Minecraft (1.12) I tried to use it in 1.7 and I'm surprised to see that it works good of course you have to manually define via the data file the location of the particle but otherwise the particles they appear well (Sorry, I'm french) :)