Block Restriction 3.0 Current Version 8-1.12.2

This plugin allows you block any block!!!!

  1. JustGorilla
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    This plugin allows you to pick any block and "block" it. It uses the permission system so all the blocks can be controlled throw one simple permission. We also implemented a way for your players to know what blocks they don't have access to. (/rblocks). I also just added the feature so you can disable enderpearls!

    Screenshot from 2018-05-05 18-59-51.png
    (RED = Doesn't Have Permission to place)
    (GREEN = Has Permission to place)


    • I have been looking around and I have not found a plugin like ours.
    • There are many for items but ours is solely based on blocks.
    • And I guess you could get those plugins and whitelisted blocks that way BUT...
    • Our plugin is small and really easy to navigate through.
    • Unlike other plugins, our config only takes 2 minutes to configure.
    • The permission system is really easy to use and make. (Go to the permission section to learn how to use permissions)


    • Config is small but fully customizable
    • Doesn't remove the item from your inventory
    • One command (show what blocks are banned)
    • Has been tested in multiple situations
    • Compatible with every plugin
    • Very small file size
    • Disabled Enderpearls
    • Displays the blocks that the player doesn't and does has access to.


    • Drag
    • Drop
    • Run
    • And Customize


    • =========================Command============================
    • Command: /rblock
    • Shows the blocks that are restricted, using the permission you have them.
    • =========================Permission==========================
    • Permission: block.allow<BlockYouWant>
    • Permission: enderpearl.throw (Allows the player to throw the enderpearl)


    • Everything has been fixed!!
    • Please comment problems you have and or thing you would like to be added

    • I will be starting to work on my new plugins this summer. One of the biggest ones I will be working on is disabling 1.9 PVP Style from all version of Minecraft.
    • Please leave me some suggestion on some other plugins you guys would like to see.
    • If you guys have an old plugin that you would like me to modernize/update to the correct version, let me know.
    Thank you guys for downloading my plugins :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Albert_Bowden
    Version: Current Version 8-1.12.2
    Still works in minecraft 1.13.2. I have been looking around for a plugin like this and at last ive found it! Thank you so much and its free