Block Restriction 3.0 Current Version 8-1.12.2

This plugin allows you block any block!!!!

  1. Block Restriction 2.0

    This is the only working Version up to this point. The last version was broke. It has been little over a year since I have last posted an update. I am starting to get back into plugin development and enjoying it thus far.

    In this new version I have added:
    Fully functional for version 1.8 to 1.12.2
    Fixed the enderpearl glitch / fixed the permissions
    Fixed the block placement method
    Fixed it where the block/enderpearl stack does not disappear.
    Added starting messages
    Added Shutting down messages
    Added more custom messages
    Added enderpearls can't but use if looking at the ground or at a block
    Removed Useless Code

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