Block Shuffle Minigame v2.1

The Block Shuffle Minigame inspired by Dream

  1. SulphurousC
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    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Block Shuffle Minigame
    An implementation of the Block Shuffle Minigame inspired by Dream's YouTube video. When the game starts, the inventory of each player is cleared, and they are given a fixed amount of food to start off (Can be set to 0 in the config file). A random block is assigned to each player and they score a point if they find the block and stand on it before their time runs out. After a fixed number of rounds, whoever has the highest score, wins.

    The source code can be viewed on Github. If you want to contribute, you are welcome to make a pull request there :)

    • /blockshuffle start - Starts the game
    • /blockshuffle stop - Stops the game
    • /blockshuffle info - Shows the current game settings like total rounds, round time etc.
    • /blockshuffle add [playerName]- Adds a player to the player list
    • /blockshuffle remove [playerName] - Removes a player from the player list
    • /blockshuffle list - Shows the list of players
    • /blockshuffle set noOfRounds [number_of_rounds] - Sets the number of rounds to be played
    • /blockshuffle set roundTime [round_time] - Sets the round time in ticks (20 ticks is 1 second)
    • /blockshuffle set foodAmount [amount_of_food_to_be_given] - Sets the initial amount of food to be given to each player. (Set to 0 to start with a clear inventory)
    NOTE - All time in the plugin is measure in ticks, so set everything using this conversion : 20 ticks = 1 second. So, if you want to set the Round Time to 5 minutes, the command is -

    /blockshuffle set roundTime 6000 (5 minutes = 300 seconds = 300 * 20 = 6000 ticks)

    Config File
    The config.yml file can be edited to change the initial settings of the game (Attributes can be changed in-game too as can be seen from the commands above)

    The parameters are straightforward, and do make sure to set the time in ticks.

    You can change the blocks to be added from there, but it has to match one of the enum constants from the Material class in the Spigot API. If you are unsure, here is a comprehensive list of Materials you can add.
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Recent Reviews

  1. jacksoncg08
    Version: v2.1
    Great plugin, wish there was an option to disable the scoreboard because it can override existing server scoreboards. I will update to five stars if you add that option