Block Shuffle Version 1.3

A game to find or craft a block the most random block. Can you do it in time?

  1. kamcho113
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Block Shuffle
    Block shuffle is a plugin server game for minecraft: java edition.

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    Copy .jar file from download folder and paste it in your minecraft plugins folder. Make sure the server is running on 1.16.~ (1.16.4 recommended) version.

    More information for how to install and use plugins you can find here.

    Every player has 5 minutes to find a random type of block. It can be: soul sand, grass, oak log, ext. The timer will notify you, when there are 10 seconds remaining. Some blocks might be harder to find than others.

    Have fun. ;)

    Make sure to /reload the server, if it is running, so the plugin can be added.

    Start the game
    To start the game on your server. You have to type in the chat /startbs and after it the names of all players, who wants to participate in it.

    For example:

    /startbs Techno Johny69 Gron__
    End the game
    The game ends automatically, when noone has found their block. Or only one person has found their block in time.

    If there are problems. You can stop the game manualy by typing:

    Under development
    • fixing text gliches
    • making ranking system
    Latest update
    • Every minute you are being notified how much time is remaining.
    • Removed block types: signs, purpur and end blocks.

Recent Updates

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