Block4Block 1.8

New Game Mode for a PvP Survival Basebuilding experience with tons of unique features

  1. HasJamOn
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    bahm, gtg_cya
    It's highly recommended to add the associated server-side datapack as well.

    You can try out Block4Block here:
    Server ip: is an Anarchy server.

    This server will never be p2w, never have voting rewards, and never reset the world.

    Our server plugin is available:

    Server-side datapack:

    Join the Discord, where you can discuss the plugin and send us feedback:

    This plugin has two major changes;you need a block to break one, and land claims are done using lecterns and books.

    Getting Blocks
    You might be asking, “How am I supposed to get blocks?”
    - Logs from trees are always mineable.
    - Ores are always mineable.
    - Pigs and skeletons drop dirt and stone

    Lectern Land Claims
    Place a book, with you and your friends names in it, in a lectern, to protect a chunk. Surrounding your lectern in unique block combinations is essential to protecting your claims, so use TNT or creepers to blow some up!

    Builds take effort to destroy and Conquering land is intuitively made with PvP and freedom in mind.

    Keep up-to-date on all the features in the #updates section of our discord:

    Test your expertise in this Minecraft veteran game mode.

    Server ip:

    List of features in Block4Block
    Block for Block:
    - Blacklist
    - No loot on break list
    - Grace Period
    - Flint dropable from gravel breaking from fall
    - Endermen can no longer pick up Nylium blocks
    - Highly configurable

    - Skeletons drop stone
    - Pigs drop dirt
    - Raid mobs, pillager, evoker, etc. drop clay
    - Endermen, Ender Dragon and Endermite drop Endstone
    - Whiter Skeleton drop Blackstone
    - Mooshroom drop various mushroom themed blocks
    - Polar Bear drops Ice Blocks
    - Creepers drop less gun powder
    - Wolf drop flowers
    - Cows drop wood variations
    - Nether mobs drop Netherrack

    Anti Grief/Hack Features:
    - Anti Freecam Interactions
    - Cancels PlayerInteractEvent when attempted through other blocks.
    - Cancels BlockBreakEvent when attempted through other blocks.
    - Lavacast Andesite instead of cobblestone and stone
    - Andesite breaks with Splash effect
    - Lava immunity when itemless

    Lectern Claim:
    - Claim Specific Blacklist for Block for Block
    - Claim Maps: Right-click a lectern with a map in your main-hand to turn it into a Claim Map that shows your claims (green) and others' (red) as well as intruders.
    - Masterbook
    - Disguise: Player heads can be consumed by dropping them on the helmet slot to disguise the player for 5 seconds, allowing them to wear another player's skin and be recognized as them in their claims.
    - Iron Golem Protection
    - Lecterns cannot be placed near bedrock
    - Chunk Contest
    - Claim Statistic on TAB
    - Intruder Alert
    - Notification for claims lost (online and offline)
    - Config to disable specified explosions from destroying blocks inside claims.
    - Alternative game mode: Killing a player replaces the victim's name in claim books with the killer's.

    - Treasure loot table only contains Tropical Fish Spawn Egg and very rarely a Name Tag, Nautilus Shell, or Saddle.
    - Fishing rod always breaks when catching a Name Tag or Saddle.

    - Chickens drop Spawn Eggs
    - Spawn Eggs rarity tiers
    - Named Chickens in radius increases chances
    - Named Chickens first letter increases chances
    - Named Chicken buff requires separate block
    - Highly configurable

    - Sheep have a loot drop chance with loot based on its colour

    Random Loot:
    - All mobs have a small chance of dropping random loot.

    - Welcome Message
    - Hints
    - /b4bhelp

    claimcontest (op)
    claimloc (op)
    claimfix (op)

    Server ip:

    Join the Discord, where you can discuss the plugin and send us feedback: