Block4Block 1.8

New Game Mode for a PvP Survival Basebuilding experience with tons of unique features

  1. Claim Maps, Alternative Game Mode, tweaks and fixes.

    Block4Block 1.8 patch notes:
    - Claim Maps: Right-click a lectern with a map in your main-hand to turn it into a Claim Map that shows your claims (green) and others' (red) as well as intruders.
    - Alternative game mode: Killing a player replaces the victim's name in claim books with the killer's.
    - Intruder Alerts, Claim Lost notifications, etc. now specify the dimension (Overworld, Nether, End).
    - Players in Creative mode can now place blocks in others' claims.
    - Added /claimloc...
  2. Disguise feature -

    Block4Block 1.7 patch notes:
    • Added disguise feature: Player heads can now be consumed by dropping them on the helmet slot to disguise the player for 5 seconds, allowing them to wear another player's skin and be recognized as them in their claims.
    • Player heads can still be equipped by shift-clicking them in your inventory or hotbar.
    • Emptying of buckets in others' claims has been disabled for...
  3. AFI Expanded - Explosions Config - Tweaks and Fixes

    Block4Block 1.6 patch notes:
    - AFI (freecam anti-cheat) has been expanded to prevent players from breaking blocks they can't see.
    - Configurable explosion immunity for claims.
    - Grace period can no longer be triggered by changing a block, such as changing a grassblock to farmland or a dirt path.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented players inside their claim from placing buckets with tropical fish, axolotl, cod, salmon, pufferfish or powder snow.

  4. Harmless Lava, Notification for lost claims (online and offline) and 1.17 tweaks

    Update 1.5 patch notes:

    - Harmless Lava for Itemless Players
    - Notifications for lost claims both for while online and when claims have changed while offline.
    - More config options

    Harmless Lava for itemless Players:
    I am sure we all have tried dipping our toes in boiling hot lava resulting in an untimely death.
    It is unforgiving and leaves nothing (but netherite) behind.
    We say no more!
    You can now take a cozy dip in your lava-pond with...
  5. v1.4 - 1.17 compatible, Masterbook, Iron Golems Defends Claims, Detection, Anti Freecam Interaction

    Patch-notes for v1.4 release:
    - Compatibility with Minecraft 1.17
    - Deepslate acts like Stone with an increased chance of double drop of the cobble.
    - Flint can now drop when gravel is broken through falling.
    - Iron golems now get aggressive, if they are inside a claimed chunk and a player outside the memberlist enters it. Players on the memberlist are safe. (as long as they don't attack the golems.)
    - Claim owners will receive notice, with coordinates,...
  6. $10 CONTEST - Grace Period - Fair Fishing - /bed

    Patch-notes for v1.3 release:
    - When a player opens a book while having no claim in their name, helpful messages are written in chat with a link to the claim format.
    - The relevant items in /b4bhelp now gives a link in chat when clicked.
    - Added a once-a-day command /bed that adds a bed to your inventory.
    - Fishing: treasure loot table changed to contain only Tropical Fish Spawn Egg and very rarely a Name Tag, Nautilus Shell, or Saddle.
    - Fishing rod always...
  7. Claim Contests - Spawn Eggs - /b4bhelp - /ignore and many tweaks and fixes!

    Patch-notes for v1.2 release:
    - Balance Chicken Spawn Egg rarity. Some spawn eggs are now much rarer than others, You may get something really special.
    - Named Chicken Buff. Having named chickens in the vicinity of your chickens will increase drop-rate and possibly the chance for certain spawn eggs to drop. Named chickens have to occupy separate blocks to stack their buff. Only one buff is counted when multiple named chickens are on one block.
    - Chunk Claim...
  8. chickens lay spawn eggs, clay raids, hints, configs, bedrock exploit fix, claim statistics in hud

    • Chickens have a chance to lay spawn eggs in the same way they lay normal eggs.
    • Pillagers and other mobs associated with pillager raids drop clay. (excluding witch)
    • Players can enable/disable hints with "/hints on/off". Default is on.
    • Server owners can disable/enable hints in config.
    • Server owners can change hint frequency in config.
    • Hints have been color-coded.
    • Check for nearby bedrock when placing claim book in lectern and deny if...