BlockColon 2015-12-15

Blocks commands with the ":" or other customized text in the command.

  1. melemonsqueezer1
    Blocks commands with the ":" in it. You can add strings of text in the config that you would like it to search configs for.

    saves the config - /bsave
    loads config - /bload
    Adds a string to the config - /badd <text to block>

    perms: blockcolon.admin
    Code (Text):
      - ':'
        add: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &7Added a command to the list.'
        load: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &7Loaded the config!'
        save: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &7Saved the commands to the config!'
        failed: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &7Try /badd <blocked command text>'
        blocked: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &7This command is blocked!'
        perms: '&8&l[&1Server&8&l] &cYou need permissions to use this command!'

Recent Reviews

  1. Tlsslurp
    Version: 2015-12-15
    This is a beautiful plugin and saves me from many hassles on my server! Thanks creator I love this [email protected]
    1. melemonsqueezer1
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I really apreciate it.