BlockDisplays | Decorate your server! | [1.13.x - 1.14.x - 1.15.x - 1.16.x] 1.4

Easily create miniature blocks to decorate your server!

  1. White_Tips
    Version: 1.0
    An amazing plugin.
    I want to share it on mcbbs for my Chinese friends. I will not redistribute this plug-in. I just post a post introducing it there. People will still come back to download it under your post.
    In addition, I tried to run it on 1.15 and it worked ( :
    About translation, I haven't found the translation document you created yet. Maybe you can create a lang.txt or lang.yml to let the players choose the language
    1. _Hetag1216_
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the great review, I really appreciate it!
      You can find all the language settings in the config.yml inside the plugin's folder :)
      You're free to redistribute the plugin as long as you don't claim it as yours and the download would still happen through the plugin's official page.