BlockDisplays | Decorate your server! | [1.13.x - 1.14.x - 1.15.x - 1.16.x] 1.4

Easily create miniature blocks to decorate your server!

  1. Automatic rotations and optimizations

    - Added useful links to the Version command.
    - Added automatic rotation system and feature.
    This feature allows you to make your existing blocks rotate on themselves, try it out and improve the aestethic of your decorations creating your own designs!
    Each spin will happen each x amount of time, given by the interval in the block's configuration section (FloatingBlocks.yml), the interval must be specified in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second).
    Whenever the block spins, it will rotate its...
  2. Bug fixes and improvements

    - Fixed issue with tiny blocks, the holder now is an ArmorStand just like normal and small ones.
    - Added more checks to every command and actions to avoid issues.
    - Added notifications when the blocks exist in config but cannot be found in the world.
    - Fixed issue with locations not updating correctly after editing a block's location.
    - Fixed issue with string which were being registered wrongly in the configuration file.
    - Added support for 1.16 versions of minecraft.
  3. New block size!

    - Added new "Tiny" block size
    - Added new /bd location <name> <coordinate - x|y|z> <value>
    - Fixed issue with locations not updating when the block was teleported
    - Fixed issue with blocks not deleting correctly if the entity couldn't be matched (was killed)
    - Fixed some mispelling issues in code
  4. MC 1.15 compatibility + updates

    * Fixed errors on commands
    * Improved /bd list command to show a max of blocks per page
    * New /bd info <name> command showing all details for a block
    * Added official compatibility for MC 1.15 version