Blocker 1.0.1

Block any sort of even through the config. (INCLUDING strenght potion 2)

  1. WolfClash
    If you were looking for a plugin that blocks any type of events, you have come to the right place! Place the jar in your plugins folder, reload the server and you will get a config file, in this folder you will have to either write "true" or "false" depending on what you want to block.

    PS: This also blocks strength potion 2, even splash, so if there are any strength pot abusers in your server, just type in 'false' in your config and you're done!

    Currently it blocks:
    TNT Explosions
    TNT Placing
    Lava buckets
    Water buckets
    Flint and Steels
    Creeper damage
    Creeper Explosions
    Chat (If something goes wrong, put 'false' in your config and no one will be able to talk)
    Exp bottle use
    Strength 2 potion (Drink able)
    Strength 2 splash

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