Blocker 1.7.4-1.7.9

Simple plugin that enforces your chat from swearing.

  1. dudejose
    Blocker is another plugin I created for my server a long time ago which allows the server to enforce chat by blocking any forms of profanity.

    How to install this plugin
    1. Download the resource (Blocker)
    2. Goto your plugins folder
    3. Drop the Blocker plugin into the plugins folder
    4. Reload/Restart your server
    5. Enjoy!

    How to use the config file
    The config file was designed to be user friendly and very quick to use. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the Config file to add or remove certain words!

    The config file's layout is simply like this:
    Words to enforce:
    - word
    - example
    - car
    - tree
    - hollow
    - eat
    - yolo

    To add words just simply enter a new line and add the word in this format: "- word"
    To remove words just simply erase the line. Easy as pie :)

    All the players on the server will be enforced. I will be adding permissions soon to enable/disable enforcing for certain players on the server.

    Thank you for downloading my plugin! Hopefully you enjoy!
    Any errors? Just PM me.


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