BlockFrames 1.2.1

Add BlockFrames to your ASkyBlock server, 1.9-1.12

  1. 1.2.1

    Blockframes now can drop blocks when they are broke

    Small bug when counting island level has been fixed.
  2. New Features

    Added a blacklist feature, just add what blocks and metadata to the blocklist for it to be denied being put in a blockframe.

    Added block-specific limits. You can have a general limit of any number, but you can also have block-specific limits to change that number.

    Added chest-pulling. You can allow or deny your players to use the sign ability to pull from connected chests.

    Lot of background work, making sure things were deleted properly on island delete/reset.

    Added protections against...
  3. Bug/version fix.

    Forgot to test in 1.8, right now this is good for 1.9+
  4. Data value and Blacklist

    Below are the new updates:
    - Added support for data value for blocks/items
    - Added blacklist
  5. 1.8 Fix

    Throwing errors in Minecraft 1.8, quick fix!