BlockIt 1.1

BlockIt is a plugin to block general stuff from your server.

  1. DevEmilio
    Block It
    Block general stuff from your server with this plugin.
    (1.8.X plugin)
    • Block potions, enchantments, crafting recipes and brewing materials.
    • Configurable messages.
    • No dependencies.
    • GUIs to check your blocked stuff.
    • Reload the plugin with a command without reloading the whole server.
    How to install:
    1. Drag and drop the plugin into your minecraft server plugins folder.
    2. Reload or restart your server for the plugin to load.
    3. Plugin should be installed correctly now. (Check console)
    How to block stuff:
    Code (Text):
    - GLOWSTONE_DUST:0   (You can block items by inserting '(MATERIAL):(DURABILITY)') (Crafting, Brewing)
    block-potions:       (For example.. You want to block some dirt.. you will do 'DIRT:0')
    - 8232               (More complex one.. You want to block enchanted golden apples.. you will do 'GOLDEN_APPLE:1')
    - 8264               (For potions.. you need to just insert their durability which you can get with this command: /itemdb)
    block-crafting:      (That command will display something like this.. '373:8201'. You just need to insert 8201 into the config)
    - DIAMOND_SWORD:0    (Now, to block enchantments you just need to do '(ENCHANTMENT):(LEVEL)')
    block-enchants:      (For example, you want to block Prot 4 armor, so you will need to do 'PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL:4')
    - KNOCKBACK:1        (A list of enchantments can be found here:



    Source code:

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    Version: 1.1
    Change resource icon, is so ugly. Maybe ask dis Ruthless guy to make u one, he really good at making shit u know :3 much luv & kisses