BlockIt 1.03

Replaces blockable items in inventory with their block equivalent

  1. Ebed_Melek
    This plugin converts blockable items in your inventory to their block equivalent. The plugin is data driven and the included config.yml is set up to supports:

    • Iron Ingot to Iron Block
    • Gold Nugget to Gold Ingot
    • Gold Ingot to Gold Block
    • Emerald to Emerald Block
    • Diamond to Diamond Block
    • Redstone to Redstone Block
    • Coal (or Charcoal) to Coal Block
    • Glowstone Dust to Glowstone
    • Quartz to Quartz Block
    • Ink Sack (Blue) to Lapis Block
    I understand that Charcoal is not naturally blockable and may add a config parameter later to allow for a more restrictive blocking of coal.

    Since Ink Sack is overloaded a second check is made to ensure that it is Lapis Lazuli that is being blocked.

    Blocking Factors are set per item and are currently 4 and 9 depending on the items natural blocking recipe, but the blocking factor can be changed in config.yml.

    Configuration is straight forward.
    Code (Text):

        blockFactor: 9
        targetBlock: iron_block
    Although the configuration allows for almost any item to be turned into any other item via the targetBlock parameter, no alternate configurations have been tested. The code does use ItemStack.getMaxStackSize() so if your targetBlock is not stackable you should get deterministic results. But this is not the intended use of the plugin and would not be a supported use.

    Since Minecraft overloads its item names, not all blocks are uniquely identifiable, but the plugin supports the naturally blockable items.

    Permissions are set with blockit.block and have been tested with GroupManager.

    BlockIt would be ideal for Skyblock, Factions and Survival servers allowing players to easily block up items to extend their mining run without the need to carry a crafting table and constantly place it to block items. Or to block up all that iron you are getting from your Iron Golem farm.

Recent Reviews

  1. Wobbzh
    Version: 1.03
    can you make it so you dont have to hold the item to block it and just block everything in your inventory
  2. Manny123123
    Version: 1.03
    A good plugin, you should add a 36 gui slot. Where you can insert all iron (diamonds etc...) into it and it turns into blocks. I think this would be good for if you got too much you can't hold and you can stand there turn it into blocks and pickup the others and turn it into blocks with the ones you're currently transforming / condencing into blocks. Thanks very good plugin I love it on my server!
  3. nuggs13
    Version: 1.0
    There is no config file, also doesnt support diamond or emeralds
    1. Ebed_Melek
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. I will add Diamonds and Emeralds. The config file is in the .jar. You should be able to extract the .jar into a subfolder under Plugins and the edit the config.yml. I will look into seeing how to do this automatically.