BlockLocker 1.10.1

Protect chests, doors, etc. using signs. UUID compatible.

  1. stumper66
    Version: 1.10
    BlockLocker is one of those essential plugins for any survival server. I recommend all survival servers install it.
  2. shuiqing2046
    Version: 1.9.3
    I've been using Lockettepro,But it has a lot of problems, and the author is not active in maintaining it.
    It is the best substitute for lockettepro.
  3. KamenkoTV
    Version: 1.9.2
    it's good but people are stealing items with hoppers :(
    and i don't know how to prevent them.
    1. rutgerkok
      Author's Response
      Please read the FAQ. :) It's because Paper has a setting that disables plugins from fiddling with hoppers.
  4. 2125368097
    Version: 1.9.2
    Hello,I am the person who provides Chinese translation.I would like to forward the plugin to (Minecraft China Forum) to let more people know about this plug-in.I will mark the original post url and the original author.I hope to get your permission.
    1. rutgerkok
      Author's Response
  5. ValenGamerXD
    Version: 1.9.2
    Excellent plugin works super well, a nice replacement to lockette and lockettepro for 1.16
  6. Quinquadrate
    Version: 1.9.1
    Simple and easy to use, does not affect server performance, open-source and allows for translation, and can be run with no setup required.
    Easy 5 stars.
    Only potential suggestions would be the ability to shift-clicking sign to select multiple at once and the private sign on beacons controlling the effects, as opposed to just restricting access to the menu.
  7. victorlindox
    Version: 1.9.1
    Nice Pluginnn <3 <3 <3 <3
    the best plugin there...............................,
  8. Kazi31
    Version: 1.9.1
    Great plugin, easy to use and doesn't affects server performance! everything I needed!
  9. Hamtaro
    Version: 1.9
    Amazing plugin! It is very good at locking your blocks and easy to use.
    If only it was open source to allow custom additions to the plugin.

    -- Edit:
    I am an idiot, this is open source and that just makes this plugin even more great! I can even learn of it!
  10. Ricozaur
    Version: 1.8.1
    Best plugin of this kind on the market. It was a little bit hard to find. But i got it.
  11. IamSeverus
    Version: 1.8.1
    Excelente, me viene de 10, para esos amigos chorritos que todos tenemos, y los creepers y rayos.
  12. ChickBoyYT
    Version: 1.8.1
    Nice Plugin, i love it, here there's italian translation, Enjoy :D
    cannot_be_used_by_console: Questo comando non puo'' essere utilizzato dalla console. Scusa!
    cannot_edit_owner: '&4Non e'' possibile modificare la protezione del proprietario. Distruggi il
    cartello invece.'
    line_number_out_of_bounds: '&4Inserisci una serie di numeri compresi tra 2 e 4, inclusi.'
    no_permission: '&4Non hai il permesso di eseguire questo comando. Scusa!'
    no_sign_selected: '&4Devi prima selezionare un cartello su uno dei blocchi protetti
    facendo clic con il pulsante destro del mouse.'
    player_name_too_long: '&4Il nome del giocatore contiene piu'' di 16 caratteri, non va bene
    sul cartelo.'
    plugin_reloaded: '&6Ricaricato il config!'
    sign_no_longer_part_of_protection: '&4Il cartello selezionato non protegge
    nessun blocco.'
    updated_sign: '&6Cartello aggiornato!'
    add_more_users_sign_instead: '&4Ci puo'' essere solo un [Private] su un cartello.
    Aggiungi [More Users] per piu'' giocatori.'
    bypassed: '&6Hai appena bypassato la protezione di {0}.'
    cannot_change_sign: '&4Non e'' possibile modificare un cartello vicino a un container protetto.'
    chest_hint: '&6Metti un cartello su questa cassa per proteggerla.'
    claimed_container: '&6Ha protetto questo contenitore. Nessun altro puo'' accedervi.'
    claimed_manually: '&6Creata una protezione. Solo le persone elencate sul cartello possono accedere
    al contenitore.'
    expired: '&6La protezione di questo blocco e'' scaduta per inattività del proprietario.'
    in_wilderness: '&4Non puoi creare una protezione qui: sei nella natura selvaggia.'
    is_claimed_by: '&6Questo blocco e'' stato protetto da {0}.'
    no_access: '&4Non puoi usare questo blocco, e'' protetto da {0}.'
    no_permission_for_claim: '&4Non hai il permesso di proteggere questo container, mi dispiace.'
    not_nearby: '&4Non sono presenti blocchi da proteggere nelle vicinanze.(Shift)click-destro su un contenitore
    con un cartello in mano per proteggerlo.'
    selected_sign: '&6Cartello selezionato. Scrivi "/blocklocker <line number> <name>" per modificare
    questo cartello.'
    everyone: Everyone
    more_users: '[More Users]'
    private: '[Private]'
    redstone: Redstone
    timer: Timer
    more_information: '&6Informationi: {0}'
    unsupported_server: '&4L''ultima versione di BlockLocker (version {0}) non e'' piu''
    supportata, solo Minecraft {1}.'
    update_available: '&6Un aggiornamento per BlockLocker (version {0}) e'' disponibile per il
  13. ydyhdh
    Version: 1.8.1
    Great Plugin 10/10 recommended for a survival server. 0 complains. Keep up the good work.
  14. Minecreeper.Isi
    Version: 1.8.1
    nice but the language files are missing. only english is in the plugin :)
    would be fine if we can download germean files
    1. rutgerkok
      Author's Response
      Just open the config.yml file and set it to use translations-de.yml as the translations file. As stated in the config file, BlockLocker will then create the German defaults.
  15. notro_
    Version: 1.8.1
    Amazing Plugin recommended for survival server but how am i removing a player permission to open my chest
  16. TheHytapZEngine
    Version: 1.8.1
    very simple and useful,thanks!,you got 5 stars from me! :D
  17. Blandix
    Version: 1.7.3
    Excellent plugin. I came here because users could steal from others using hoppers with no [Redstone] tag, and i found the answer in the same post. Great plugin, great and prepared developer/s.
  18. PepsiSardines
    Version: 1.7.3
    Awesome plugin! My players love all the features in this plugin. Thank you for all the good work! I'm loving it!! Also, please update to 1.16... we'd really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much for an AMAZING plugin. 6/5
    1. rutgerkok
      Author's Response
      It's updated now!
  19. 73756e736574
    Version: 1.7.3
    Plugin is awesome, but could you please upd8 to 1.16.1? Since the new Spigot release it's out :D
    1. rutgerkok
      Author's Response
      It's updated now!
  20. HaruKin
    Version: 1.7.3
    I love this plugin.
    Keep your works.
    And take care....................................