BlockLocker 1.7.1

Protect chests, doors, etc. using signs. UUID compatible.

  1. BlockLocker 1.7 (for Minecraft 1.14.4)

    • Removed the automatic updater. Now you will only be notified of new updates, but BlockLocker is no longer able to download them.
    • No longer autoplaces signs if the player right clicks on a chest while in spectator mode.
    • Added support for mcMMO parties. Thanks @jensvh !
    • Added support for guilds from the Guilds plugin.
    • Added support for multiple translations of [Private], [Redstone], [Everyone], [Timer:X] and [More Users] tags. Now you can for example use both the English name and some localized name on your server. Thanks @jensvh !
    • Technical: moved from json-simple to Gson (json-simple is deprecated in Spigot 1.14). Thanks @TheBusyBiscuit !
    • Technical: moved from to the newer java.util.Optional. A new API (BlockLockerAPIv2) has been added that uses the new Optional, and the old API is unaffected. This old API will remain as long as remains in Spigot. Thanks @TheBusyBiscuit !
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