BlockLocker 1.10.1

Protect chests, doors, etc. using signs. UUID compatible.

  1. BlockLocker 1.10 (for Minecraft 1.14 - 1.17)

    • New way of storing UUID data on signs.
      • The plugin needs to store the UUIDs of the players on the sign somewhere, and previously that was done using a hover text (which isn't visible on signs).
      • Now it will use a newer Bukkit method (PersitantData).
      • The old format is still read by the plugin, so stored player UUIDs will carry over fine without a new lookup.
      • Old signs are converted whenever someone interacts with a protection
      • Eventually the plugin will stop reading the old format, so please upgrade this plugin so that everything can be converted in time.
    • Added support for SimpleClans - you can now add SimpleClans groups to your chests.
    • Added support for Minecraft 1.17.
      • The plugin uses some internal Minecraft classes, which were shifted around. So an update was necessary.
      • The internal classes are only necessary for reading signs in the old format, so at some point in the future this hacking around with Minecraft sign internals will be gone.
      • Still compatible with Minecraft 1.14 - 1.16.
    • Fixed being able to connect to someone else's container when connectContainers was on in the config file.
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