BlockLocker 1.10.1

Protect chests, doors, etc. using signs. UUID compatible.

  1. BlockLocker 1.10.1 (for Minecraft 1.14 - 1.17)

    • Fixed an important bug that could cause people with a changed name to be locked out of their chest.
    • Changed how UUIDs are fetched.
      • The plugin no longer contacts to look up the UUID of a player.
      • The plugin now only fetches the UUID of online players.
      • If no player with the name is online, no UUID will be stored on the sign yet.
      • Every time a player interacts with a protection, the plugin will attempt again to look up missing UUIDs in the online player list.
      • All of this means that the plugin will now work correctly with any other account system, like the Bedrock accounts used by the Geyser plugin.
      • However, this means that there is a tiny chance that an UUID doesn't get stored on the sign before a player changes their name.
    • Invalid names are now allowed on signs, so this is the end of "~" appearing on signs. Because of the above changes, the plugin no longer checks whether a name is actually a valid Mojang account.
    • Fixed inconsistent behavior when two doors where placed right next to each other in any other way than a "normal" double door.
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