BlockLocker 1.5.0

Protect chests, doors, etc. using signs. UUID compatible.

  1. BlockLocker 1.5.0

    • For people who were using LockettePro: BlockLocker can now read chests from LockettePro, so switching from LockettePro to BlockLocker is now possible. However, until a player first clicks on a chest, part of the player's UUID will appear on the sign. Normally, LockettePro uses a protocol hack to hide this UUID, but BlockLocker doesn't do this. Although this looks a bit funny, it is harmless.
    • For people using Towny: added a permission node called [FONT=Courier...[/LIST]
  2. BlockLocker 1.4.1

    • Signs can now be auto-placed under water
    • The plugin now handles double chests placed right next to each other correctly (in Minecraft 1.12, you couldn't place other chests right next to double chests, so this wasn't an issue.)
    Compatible with Spigot 1.13 and newer.
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  3. BlockLocker 1.4.0

    • Updated to Minecraft 1.13, no longer compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 or older
    • Replaced all uses of the deprecrated Bukkit API MaterialData with the new BlockData
    • Added a setting called protectableAttachables. If you, for example, add a torch here, then not only the torch will be protected, but also the block it is attached on. The protection sign can be placed on either block.
  4. BlockLocker 1.3.4

    • Now requires Java 8 and Spigot 1.12.2
    • Update checker will now only download from preprogrammed URLs (instead of hosts)
    • Fixed sometimes no message being displayed when access to a chest was denied
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  5. BlockLocker 1.3.3

    • Fixed compatibility with Minecraft 1.12
    • Still compatible with Minecraft 1.11.
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  6. BlockLocker 1.3.2

    • Fixed the whole stack of signs being consumed when placing a single sign on a container.
  7. BlockLocker 1.3.1

    • Fixed interacting with iron doors in Minecraft 1.11
    • You can now auto-place signs with your off-hand
  8. BlockLocker 1.3.0

    This file works on Minecraft 1.11. It also works on Minecraft 1.9 and 1.10 if you have an existing config file, or if you remove the shulker boxes from a newly created config file.
    • Added shulker boxes to the default list of protected containers. If you have an existing configuration file, you'll need to add those blocks manually.
    • You can now place protection signs to the left or the right of a door.
    • Trapdoors can now be opened and closed automatically, just like doors....
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  9. BlockLocker v1.2.0

    • Added option to let protections expire if a player doesn't log in for a certain amount of time
    • Added option to let creepers, endermans, fire, ghasts, pistons, saplings, TNT and/or zombies destroy protections
    • Protections missing the [Private] sign, but still having a [More Users] sign, are now considered unprotected
    • Fixed one half of double chests from Minecraft 1.7 not being protected in some cases
    • Fixed an error (NullPointerException) when a line on a sign is null....
  10. Blocklocker v1.1.2

    • Fixed [Timer:X] tag being case sensitive.
    As you can see, a small update. This plugin is quite stable: it doesn't appear to break between Minecraft versions, so it doesn't need many updates. This file should work fine on Spigot 1.8.0 to the most recent build, even Minecraft 1.9.

    Unfortunately, the automatic updater is disabled for now. seems to block my updater: BlockLocker 1.1.1 downloaded an empty file.