BlockMeta 1.0

Keep ItemMeta when you place and pick up a block!

  1. Qatell
    BlockMeta is a plugin that saves the item meta associated with any item block you place. It is inspired by CTM style maps, but I'm sure it can be useful in other areas as well. I'm sure you probably don't understand unless I tell you more, so here it is.​

    Let's say you're doing a CTM map and they rename the wool, you'll have a White wool called "White core" as an example. When you go and place it on the ground because you're afraid to lose it, you'll eventually come and pick it up again. When you go back to pick it up, it'll be its original name, "White wool;" no longer that same piece of wool that you first got. This is what my plugin changes, it makes it so even after you place it down, you'll be able to go back and pick it back up with all it's enchantments, names, and everything else originally associated with it.
    Commands and Permissions
    • /blockmeta requireSilkTouch (op) - Toggle whether or not it requires a silk touch pick to keep the item meta or not.
    Future Plans
    I made this in a rush to see it's initial reception. If people enjoy it, I may think about expanding on it. I'll also improve the saving format as right now it's very inefficient as the entry count grows.
    I enjoy programming, and working for Minecraft. I however have a family to think about, so I cannot do this much unless I am earning from it. If you like what I'm doing, you can donate to my Paypal or Skrill. My email is [email protected]

Recent Reviews

  1. lululombard
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent, I do realy like this plugin, works like a charm since two weeks, I would like to see for the lore on skulls, that would be useful.