BlockNodes 1.2

Give yourself any type of block which will respawn after a while

  1. enesmelda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Just a small plugins which adds special blocks which respawn after a set amount of time.

    Use /givenode [Any Name of a MC block] to give yourself a node of that type.
    You have to type in the block name in capital letters and with a _ instead of a space.

    You will get an error if you type in an invalid block!

    Wrong: diamondore
    Right: DIAMOND_ORE

    So it would be /givenode DIAMOND_ORE

    This will give you a diamond ore node(You can type in any block).

    Place down the node where you want it to be. Mining/breaking the block in survival will make the node respawn after a while.
    Breaking the block in creative will permanently remove it.


    If there are any problems/suggestions, please just private message me.
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