BlockProt 1.0.0

Protect and lock Chests, Furnaces, etc. with a easy to use GUI.

  1. BlockProt 1.0.0

    • Add: 1.18 support
    • Add #91: WorldGuard integration (#106)
    • Add: PlaceholderAPI support (#71) (sean)
    • Add: French translation by nstar_ (sean)
    • Add #94: Add copy and paste buttons (sean)
    • Add: Player and server statistics tracker...
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  2. BlockProt 0.4.13

    • Create translations_zh_TW.yml (vincentwang0905)
    • Add: New Redstone settings screen (#73) (sean)
    • Fix shulker box duping, specifically when other plugins like GriefPrevention or WorldGuard are loaded. (#76) (sean)
  3. BlockProt 0.4.12

    • Fix: Exit inventories when a block gets broken (spnda)
    • Fix #70: Don't remove protection from blocks after disallowing access (spnda)
    • Updates AnvilGUI, this should fix any remaining issues with Java 16 and XP on 1.17.1 (spnda)
    • Fix: Don't disallow redstone on unlocked blocks (spnda)
    • Fix: Don't drop shulker boxes twice when in creative (spnda)
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  4. BlockProt 0.4.11

    • Add: Search history inventory (spnda)
    • Add: Config option whether lang files should be updated (spnda)
    • Add: Config option to define default lock on place setting (spnda)
    • Change: Make the friend manage inventory 6 lines long (spnda)
    • Fix #69: Copy default friends to non-chest blocks (spnda)
    • Fix: Correct name on permissions toggle (spnda)
    • Fix: The pages on the manage inventory actually work now (spnda)
    • Fix:...
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  5. BlockProt 0.4.10

    • Add: Korean translation courtesy of hoehoetvhs (spnda)
    • Add: Chinese language (#67) (MODcraft)
    • Fix: Non-tile-entities sometimes kept invalid data (spnda)
    • Fix #68: Upper half's of doors did not lock properly (spnda)
    • Fix: Outdated website URL in plugin.yml (spnda)
  6. BlockProt 0.4.9

    • Fix #66: Only break a double chest if the player is not the owner (spnda)
    • Fix #54: Plugin does not require Java 16 or newer anymore (spnda)
    • Fix: The Anvil GUI in 1.17.1 removed XP for searching friends (spnda)
    • Fix #65: Properly clear friends before overriding them (spnda)
    • Fix: Depend on latest Towny...
  7. BlockProt 0.4.8

    • Fix #60: Players with the bypass perm couldn't access blocks (spnda)
    • Fix: Inventory did not close when (un-)locking (spnda)
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  8. BlockProt 0.4.7

    • Create translations_es (#59) (thanks to @C4BR3R4)
    • Fix: Do not reset the cursor when switching menus (This will make navigating the menus a lot easier.)
    • Change: Move translations and integration configs into subfolders
    • Change: List all translation files in config.yml
    • Change: Fully switch to Java (This extremely reduces the binary size.)
  9. BlockProt 0.4.6

    • Add: Turkish Translation (thanks to @wuuthradd).
    • Change: If a translation is missing, we automatically fallback to the default English translation.
    • Fix: Anvils, droppers, dispensers and lecterns are now properly lockable.
    • Fix: Some data was not properly applied to the other half of doors (Rarely double chests too).
    • Update: The German translation is now complete again.
    A detailed changelog can be found at...
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  10. BlockProt 0.4.5

    • Fix: Hoppers pulling from double chests threw an exception and allowed bypassing the redstone protection.
    A detailed changelog can be found at 0.4.4...0.4.5.