BlockRegen 3.5.8

Great for Prison, RPG and many more servers!

  1. Aurorion
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Commands & Permissions
    All commands are explained in-game by using the main and sub commands.
    /blockregen - Main command, aliases [br]
    /blockregen reload - permission: blockregen.admin
    /blockregen bypass - permission:
    /blockregen check - permission: blockregen.datacheck
    /blockregen region - permission: blockregen.admin
    /blockregen events - permission: blockregen.admin

    The permission blockregen.admin grants access to everything

    The .yml files
    It isn't that hard to understand and to configure. The base Settings.yml & Blocklist.yml have explanations in them.
    Still have problems? Go to the discussion area and I will be glad to help you!|
    It also contains stuff like Vault & WorldEdit support, per world support and some other feature which can be read in the update section!
    List of materials: ,or use the /blockregen check command

    Default Blocklist.yml:
    (Always shows the latest version)


    In update 1.6 World-Edit support was added. Later this was removed but also added back in again. This means that you can set regions where the regeneration will take place.
    How to set a region:
    1 - Select a CUBOID (2 positions) selection with World-Edit
    2 - Perform the command /blockregen region set <name>
    3 - Be sure you have Enable-WorldEdit set to true in the Settings.yml

    To perform the command the player needs the permission blockregen.admin

    Servers using BlockRegen
    Do you have a server and are you using BlockRegen?
    Leave a review or post in the discussion section with your servers IP and I will add to the list!
    - Renovia: <- an actual cool server!
    - Emenbee Realms:
    - KBCraftGaming:
    - Royal-Gaming:

    If you have any problems or any bugs, go to the discussion area and don't hesitate to ask for help. I'm more than willing to try to help you out.

    Keep in mind that I have a busy life. The fastest way to get in contact with me is through my discord server. You can join here:

    Thanks for the downloads everyone and stay positive!

Recent Updates

  1. 3.5.8
  2. Update 3.5.7
  3. Double update from 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 to 3.5.5

Recent Reviews

  1. goldenmaker007
    Version: 3.5.5
    Good plugin but am I able to make sure that the block can only be mined with a specifed block but the name also needs to be specific. So for example a diamond pickaxe but the name needs to be Magic Pickaxe. The reason I need this is for my rpg server where I want items act differently when having an other name.
  2. lordamani
    Version: 3.5.5
    Works perfectly in 1.16.1, thank you so much.

    A message that tells you how much time is left until the block is regenerated when you break it would be nice.
  3. Renzotoms
    Version: 3.5.5
    Almost good plugin, for making mines, but there are few bugs, some of them I already reported and got fixed, but the main bug is that sometimes region protection stops working.

    My mines were griefed three times a week and author told me that it was fixed, but it wasn't.
  4. ChrisTalino
    Version: 3.5.5
    Looks amazing I have one issue though, I get an internal error when using regions but its because im on 1.12! I would appreciate it if we could have 1.12 with this because this plugin looks 100 times better than the others, I still will try and use config to set regions but please do a version for 1.12 it would satisfy alot of people! :)
  5. KrisLopez
    Version: 3.5.5
    The best plugin to make mines
    Fully custom
    Easy to use
  6. Beartherter
    Version: 3.5.5
    5/5 * Best of the best plugin. Configurable 100% , download now!)))
    No glitches or bugs, everything works correctly. Respect to the author for a free plugin
  7. Gabodjs
    Version: 3.5.5
    100/100 PLUGIN! easy config and everythin is working very good! thank you for this!!
  8. LirCZE
    Version: 3.5.5
    Great plugin, but it really needs selectin which isnt cuboid, but its poly or different :)
  9. Harrio
    Version: 3.5.3
    Excellent plugin!
    Would it be possible to add the option that the items go directly to the inventory?
  10. RickyLaChow
    Version: 3.5.3
    5/5 Stars plugins, the dev is kind and help me so many times
    ITS Free!