BlockRegenerate 1.2

Regenerate any block! Give it a temporary replacement. WorldGuard support!

  1. Ranull
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    Configure any block to regenerate itself after a set amount of time! You can also disable drops, exp and set a temporary replacement block! Use this globally or to WorldGuard regions!

    Depending on your configuration of this plugin, it may cause lag. For example, in a case where you define stone to regenerate after a long period of time globally. Each block with generate duration has to be recorded. Blocks in ungenerated chunks will have to load these chunks to generate. It is recommended with setups like these to disable saving and generating in unloaded chunks. In setups where you only regenerate blocks like ores, or use the plugin only in certain WorldGuard regions. You should not notice any performance impact as the plugin is quite simple and efficient. This plugin allows you to configure everything. Take into account what a certain configuration option may do before and you should not encounter any problems.

    Code (YAML):
    configVersion: 1

    : false # Should blocks mined with silk touch be regenerated?
    : true # This will save block data on server shutdown. If you have a huge amount of block data you should set this to false
    : true # Should we generate blocks in unloaded chunks.

    : # Bedrock can't be broken, change to to another material to activate the plugin
    : 5 # (seconds)  How long it will take for this block to regenerate back to normal
    : true # This will stop the material dropping items
    : true # This will stop the material dropping experience
    : STONE # This is what is set while waiting for the block to regenerate
    : 0 # (ticks) The delay in ticks for the temporary block to spawn
    : "bedrock" # This will only allow this block to be regenerated in this WorldGuard region

      # This will replace stone bricks to cracked stone bricks, after 5 seconds regenertae the stone bricks
      #  generateDelay: 5
      #  denyDrop: true
      #  denyEXP: true
      #  replace: CRACKED_STONE_BRICKS

    /blockregenerate - Plugin info
    /blockregenerate reload - Reload command (OP)

    blockregenerate.use (Default)
    blockregenerate.reload (OP)

    This is a new plugin and may have some bugs, please report them in the discussion. You are also welcome to request features! :)
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