Blocks Alive! 1.25

Bring Blocks to Life on a world new you!

  1. xBallisticBlazex
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Blocks. They're so peaceful and simple, well...until this existed.

    A detailed help has been included within the plugin, you can access this with /ba help.

    Packed with features including:

    * Bring a block to life

    * Spawn any block with any mobtype and a fun AI!

    * Enjoy wacky custom ai including a block that rapid fires fireballs and a block that leaves a TNT trail!

    * Easily kill any blocks you have spawned without affecting anyone else using the plugin.

    * Have a block summon lightning on your player on contact! (Using the 'owner' block)

    * Only one main command to do all this!


    Lib's Disguises-direct link


    To install simply chuck this plugin and the plugins mentioned above into your server plugins folder and BAM! You are ready to bring your own blocks to life!

    Finished installing? Here are some commands I love to get started!

    Commands to Get Started:

    * /ba spawn owner hay_block torcher 1 lightning <player>-Type this command and witness a hay block run around and summon lightning upon any player it touches! Did I mention it will also rapid shoot fireballs at anything it wants dead? This will only work if you have a plugin like essentials that supports a command like /lightning. Works well with punishmental!

    */ba alive ghast-Type this, then right click any block you wish. Then watch your chosen block rise majestically and shoot fireballs at yo face!

    */ba spawn zombie diamond_block sbomber 1-This command will cause some hefty destruction! Spawn a block that will leave a trail of TNT right behind it as it pursues its enemy!

    */ba fall 10-Do this near a friend's house to make them wonder, "What the hell happened to my roof?". Make blocks fall on your command in a radius of 10 around you!

    */ba spawn pig random normal 50-Use this command to bring in some color to your server. Spawns 50 pigs with a random block assigned to them! Note that this can spawn command blocks so be careful, don't do this near the wrong hands!

    Got a little carried away? Remember you can kill all blocks you have spawned with /ba killall

    Remember to get out of op/permissions when testing the ai. They do not target people of importance.

    Read the permissions below to understand more of how this works


    Command based:

    blocksalive.main-Permission for the main command /ba

    blocksalive.<command>-Used to restrict certain sub commands in /ba from being used. Replace <command> with desired command

    blocksalive.killall.all-Permission for a player to kill all living blocks on the server. /ba killall all

    blocksalive.killall.fuzzy-Permission for a player to perform a fuzzy kill which is unreliable and should only be used when '/ba killall all' fails. /ba killall fuzzy

    Effect Based:

    blocksalive.notarget-Prevents AI such as torcher from targeting you. Useful if you are invisible and do not want to reveal yourself to your victim

    blocksalive.ownereffect-Prevents the owner block from running its commands when it touches you.

    This plugin originated from Bukkit Dev and will update automatically from Bukkit Dev. View the original here.

    If you wish to see the source, pm me.

    What are you waiting for? Load me up and enjoy!


    If you wish to donate for the hard work I put into this plugin you can send me bitcoin here:


    Or if you use CoinJar, my username is: @SimplyBallistic

    Bug? Something that isn't right? Make an Issue/Comment and I'll address it right away.

    Known Issues:

    * Creating a block with a mob type that isn't living such as a primed_tnt or dropped_item (yep, those are entities just like our beloved creeper), will generate an exception in the console.

    *The torcher ai will not work with the ghast

    Coming soon!

    *A few new AI including a cop that locks players in a cage upon contact!

    *The ability to raise blocks around you into the world in a graveyard effect! Done!

    *The ability to reload the config without reloading the server and killing your beloved blocks Done!

    *The wand! The all you need multi-tool to select and manage your blocks like make them invincible or make them not drop themselves.

    *Give the same level of customization found in /ba spawn to /ba alive-Done-Partially!

    *Get away from needing dependencies

    *Move Lag detector and AI math to another thread to prevent lag Done-Partially!

    *More friendly config

    *Disable 1000 limit

    If you have any more ideas, please let me know! I would love to add an awesome feature you provide :)


    Including the owners of the dependencies, this plugin would not be as great as it is without them and the people mentioned below.

    Gravity's Updater