[Blocks] Blockus Reimagined - ItemsAdder addon 1.5

Port of Blockus mod to ItemsAdder by spike5032

  1. World Generation

    + Marble now spawns in the world. (Replaces Diorite)
    + Bluestone now spawns in the world. (Replaces Andesite/Gravel)
    + Limestone now spawns in the world. (Replaces Granite)
    | Rates |
    chance: 70
    max_height: 40
    min_height: 20

    This can be altered in blocks.yml

    Dont want blocks to be spawners?

    There is only so many mushroom blocks avalible.
    To combat this these blocks are pretty much spawners that spawn armor stands holding blocks.

    You can change this by changing the following values in blocks.yml

    type: TILE


    type: REAL

    Keep in mind there is only a max of 191 blocks in total

    You can check how many you have left on your server using /iazip and checking console for

    Used ??/191 REAL block IDs.

    And picking and choosing what blocks you would like to be REAL blocks.

    This is the only suggestion I can make for fixing this problem.

    - Spike
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