[Blocks] Blockus Reimagined - ItemsAdder addon 1.5

Port of Blockus mod to ItemsAdder by spike5032

  1. Movin on up

    I have created a tutorial for installing blockus.

    I also want all to know you can change the GUI by going to
    data\item_packs\blockus and editing the categories.yml
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  2. Bug Fixes

    Added category's

    Tweaked generation

    Bugs fixed when updating to newest itemsadder.

    Tutorial coming soon.
  3. Updated Link

    Updated Link
  4. World Generation

    + Marble now spawns in the world. (Replaces Diorite)
    + Bluestone now spawns in the world. (Replaces Andesite/Gravel)
    + Limestone now spawns in the world. (Replaces Granite)
    | Rates |
    chance: 70
    max_height: 40
    min_height: 20

    This can be altered in blocks.yml

    Dont want blocks to be spawners?

    There is only so many mushroom blocks avalible.
    To combat this these blocks are pretty much spawners that spawn armor stands holding blocks.

    You can...
  5. Bug Fixes

    + Fixed Lighting on all Lanterns
    + Fixed Star Block Recipe
    ~ Various tweaks