[Blocks] Halfblocks - ItemsAdder addon 1.0

Add double textured blocks to ItemAdder

  1. F1b3r
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    Adds over 600+ new Blocks to Minecraft.

    This is not a plugin!
    This is an addon for ItemsAdder.
    You need at least 600 free REAL_NOTE and 60 REAL Block slots.

    How to install?
    UPDATE TO ItemsAdder 2.1.8 or greather.

    Extract the content of the .zip file inside plugins/ItemsAdder folder

    Use the command `/iareload` & `/iazip`

    (upload the pack on Dropbox if you're using Dropbox and update the config.yml url, then use /iareload to reload the config.yml)

    I tried to add all solid block models but the result were nearly 300.000 models (without rotations) and a crashed server. So I tried to limit it to only the most nessessary block types. Feal free to modify the content of this pack to match your needs.

    - stone
    - stone_bricks
    - bricks
    - andesite
    - granite
    - barrel_bottom
    - polished_andesite
    - birch_planks
    - dark_oak_planks
    - oak_planks
    - spruce_planks

    Rotations (presented by only the first letter at the end of the item):
    - North
    - West
    - South
    - East
    - Top
    - Down


    This is a model-only pack. There are no textures included. Every model uses the default textures of the game (or your current ressourcepack)
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Recent Reviews

  1. LoneDev
    Version: 1.0
    This is a very very very clever way of using ItemsAdder custom blocks feature!
    I love it! :D Good job.

    Only issue is that it's using a lot of REAL_NOTE blocks and people may complain, so I suggest to remove some of the blocks and include only common used ones.

    But really, good job and I appreciate the effort, damn you made 600+ blocks manually
    1. F1b3r
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback <3

      But you're wrong xD I only did one model and a few rotations. The rest is auto-generated with a small script I wrote in Kotlin ^^

      About the point with the real blocks: Yeah I should try to limit this but I need a little more input from my builder team which combinations are 'common'. There should be an update in the future where only the nessesary block combinations are full blocks.