Blocks To Commands v5.0.0-beta.6

Allows player to assign a command to any block in-game | Make any block run a command!

  1. ILoveAMac
    Vault is a dependency for this plugin!
    can be found here:
    An economy plugin that hooks into Vault is also needed.

    1.8 binary included for older servers

    Full documentation here.

    The plugin allows the player to assign any command to a block. The command will be run when a player right-clicks the block. The command will be run from the console or from the player depending on how you set it up.

    - Look at block
    - do /btc create <name>
    - next do /btc add cmd <name> <runFromConsole: true/false> <command>
    - do /btc help for more info.

    - Right-click block (command will run that you set.
    Players must have btc.use to be able to right-click the block as well as the custom permission that you may have set.


    - crouch and break the block (only possible with perm btc.remove)
    - /btc remove <name>

    Do "/btc list" to see a list of the blocks that have been set


    - btc.admin
    - btc.use
    - and custom permissions too
    Custom: /btc set perm <name> <perm>. e.g /btc set perm test my.perm

    Vault Support
    - Add Costs to blocks
    - /btc set cost <name> <amount>
    - /btc remove cost <name>

    Variables are inside a container that looks like this: ${variableName}

    - ${name} - gets name of player
    - ${displayName} - gets player display name
    - ${uuid} - gets UUID of player
    - ${ip} - gets player ip
    - ${randomPlayer} - gets random name of a player online
    - ${x}
    - ${y} - X Y Z values of player pos
    - ${z}
    - ${blockX}
    - ${blockY} - X Y Z values of block clicked pos
    - ${blockZ}
    - ${world} - gets current world name

    How to use variables:

    /btc add cmd <name> true op ${name}
    /btc add msg <name> &aHello ${name}

    Variables are case sensitive and must be typed out as shown above!
    They use camel casing (first-word first letter lowercase, all following words have an uppercase letter at the beginning of the word)

    Code (Text):

    # ________ _________ ________
    # |\ __ \|\___ ___\\ ____\
    # \ \ \|\ /\|___ \ \_\ \ \___|
    # \ \ __ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
    # \ \ \|\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \____
    # \ \_______\ \ \__\ \ \_______\
    # \|_______| \|__| \|_______|

    # BlocksToCommands (V.5.0.0 BETA) 2020
    # API: Minecraft 1.8

    # By ILoveAMac

    # These are the messages non-admin players will receive
    # The fundsDeducted and notEnoughFunds message has variables.
    # ${cost} -> Value that was deducted from the payer's account.
    # ${currency} -> Server currency as set below.
    mayNotPerformCommand: '&cYou do not have permission to perform this command.'
    mayNotBreakBlock: '&cYou do not have permission to break this block.'
    mayNotUseBlock: '&cYou do not have permission to use this block.'
    notEnoughFunds: '&cYou do not have enough ${currency} to use this block.' # e.g You do not have enough dollars to use this block.
    fundsDeducted: '&a${cost} ${currency} were deducted from your account.' # e.g 10 dollars were deducted from your account

    # Server currency
    currency: 'dollars'

    # Additional configuration
    adminShiftRemove: true # When enabled players with the perm btc.admin ac hold shift and break a BTC block to delete it
    interactSounds: true # Play sounds when players interact with BTC blocks # NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
    metrics: true # collect anonymous data to help improve plugin?

    # Plugin perms
    # btc.admin -> Give only to admins on server
    # btc.use -> Give to players you want to use BTC blocks
    # custom perms can be assigned to blocks too. If a block has a custom perm, a player needs btc.use and the custom set perm in order to use the block

    Example BTC Block
    Code (Text):

      name: op
        world: world
        x: -319
        y: 144
        z: 415
          message: '&aYou are now OP'
          command: op ${name}
          runFromConsole: true
          command: money
          runFromConsole: false
      cost: 1000.0

    This plugin makes use of bStats metrics to collect anonymous user data.
    If you want to opt-out of data collection you may do so in the config.yml file for my plugin. BTC's bStats page is here.

    Thank you for over 5000

    Have any features suggestions?
    Tell me in the discussion section

    or fork the project on GitHub
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Recent Reviews

  1. FraiSai
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    Works, but very bad on version 1.16.2 spam with errors in the console, please fix it then it will be 5 stars
  2. tommimoro
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    ehy, any chances you could make the plugin work with "gui opening" commands? except from this amazing plugin :)
  3. hyenagodking
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    It was working for a day but now it saying null when I click on some signs I created with /btc and showing errors in the console.
  4. LordManzana
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    I'll change my previous rating of 3 starts to 5. The owner DM me and fixed it. Hope a new release comes soon with the fix.

    The problem was the plugin doesen't work with custom heads, now it is :)
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      Happy to help :D
  5. LirCZE
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    Plugins works great. The author response fast so if you need help, just ask him. :)
    1. ILoveAMac
  6. Pizzaguy123
    Version: v5.0.0-beta.6
    This plugin is great but I have 1 question...
    Can I make a command for a custom head?
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      I do not understand your question. DM me and please provide more detail.
  7. master117
    Version: 4
    The plugin works extremely well, it doesn't have errors on 1.15, if anyone was just wondering how to open the menu you can just make the console run dm open menuname ${name}. One thing i may ask is to add the left click option to run the command like the right.
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      It works now as you requested! And I added a bunch of features!
      DM me if you have a question!
  8. Roman_Danko
    Version: 4
    Not working on ChestCommand's commands :((
    fix please, and I'm give five stars..........
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      I will look into it
  9. 420WhachuSmokin
    Version: 4
    I am giving this 5 stars because the plugin does a great job of doing what it is supposed to do BUT I do have a problem. I wanted to use DeluxeMenus to create a GUI that could be opened by clicking a block but it does not seem to recognize commands made with DeluxeMenus. Help?
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      I will look into it
  10. ShadowMitch
    Version: 4
    Great plugin exactly what I was looking for, only feature I was missing was to add a second command to a block. Now I have forked the project and modified the plugin so a second command can be added to the plugin, I didn't do it very tidy though because it was just for me and the functionality. Hmu if anyone needs that version.
    1. ILoveAMac
      Author's Response
      Hello! Great job on the fork :D I have added the ability to have unlimited commands, it might be worth a look :)