BlocksByPlayerSession 1.2

Removes players' blocks at logout and replaces them with the default one.

  1. Maxx_Qc
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    What is BlocksByPlayersession? (What does it do?)
    Every single time a player (if he doesn't have the bypass permission) places or breaks a block, it is saved and whenever the player disconnects or the server closes, all the blocks that the player placed disappear and get replaced with the old ones. It also works with Signs, Doors and Fields! Pretty simple, huh? :p

    What does it need to work?
    Nothing! (That's a lie, you need a working server :eek:)


    • bbps.bypass.overall | default: op | bypass the whole plugin :rolleyes:
    • bbps.bypass.placedblocks | default: op | bypass the placed blocks limit
    • bbps.bypass.changedblocks | default: op | bypass the changed blocks limit
    • | default: op | give access to the /bbps command
    • | default: op | give access to the stats section of the menu
    • | default: op | give access to the reset section of the menu

    Place the BBPS.jar file into your server/plugins/ folder, start the server and enjoy :cool:

    Code (Text):

      time-limit: 0
      placed-blocks-limit: 0
      changed-blocks-limit: 0
      noperm: '&cYou don''t have access to this command.'
      players-only: '&cYou need to be a player to perform this action.'
      name: '&6BBPS - Menu'
      stats-item-material: MAGMA_CREAM
      stats-item-name: '&aStats'
      reset-item-material: GOLD_PICKAXE
      reset-item-name: '&cReset'
      name: '&ePlayers'
      stats-menu-name: Stats
      reset-menu-name: Reset
      next-page-item-name: '&dNext page'
      previous-page-item-name: '&dPrevious page'
      bypass-player-msg: '&5Can place how many blocks he wants to'
      placed-blocks-msg: '&5Placed Blocks: &f'
      changed-blocks-msg: '&5Changed Blocks: &f'

    TODO list
    • Complete the reset section of the menu
    • Add 'bbps.*' permission
    • Add translations (config)
    • No idea, tell me what you'd like :)

    Excuse my english :(
    • Please make sure to report any bug ;)
    • Rate the plugin if you like it :)


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  1. mattwithabat
    Version: 1.2
    muy bien plugin en spigot sirve para todo propósito es muy unico contento de haberlo instalado.
  2. Agent5acad27
    Version: 1.0
    Depuis le temps que je cherchais un tel plugin ! Bravo, en plus c'est Québécois ;) Je te propose d'augmenter les compatibilités de celui-ci.
    1. Maxx_Qc
      Author's Response
      Merci :) Je vais voir ce que je peux faire ;)