BlockScripter [Make your server your own, without programming] 1.0.18

Powerful yet simple programmable GUI tool to create new functions/features on your server

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    BlockScripter is a powerful tool that is simple to understand, yet has the ability to radically change what you can do on your server. With this tool, you can create triggers that perform different actions on the server. For example, you can set up a teleporter with only a couple of option menus. Another example is creating a player launcher without the need for a separate plugin.

    To start scripting, give yourself a wrench and right-click on a block. From there, you can program that block to listener for a wide variety of triggers, such as being clicked, being walked on, or when the block is being broken.

    • /BlockScripter giveWrench <Player> -- Gives a player a Wrench
    • blockscripter.* -- Gives access to all permissions
    • blockscripter.givewrench -- Allows the user to give a wrenchs
    • blockscripter.usewrench -- Allows a player to use the wrench
    Here are a few videos showing what you can do with BlockScripter:

    For some reason, Gifs are broken on Spigot. Please click the link to see the gif.

    ALL Triggers, Targets, and Actions added by BlockScripter:

    onPlayerWalkOn - Detects when a player walks on a block
    onInteract - Detects when a player left or right clicks on a block
    onLeftClick - Detects only when a player left click a block
    onRightClick - Detects only when a player right click a block
    onRelay - Detects when the block is activated, either by itself or another scripted block

    onBlockBreak - Detects when a block is broken;
    onProjectileHit - Detects when a projectile hits a block
    onRedstonePowered - Detects when a block is activated by redstone
    onRedstoneDepowered - Detects when a block is deactivated by redstone
    onBlockPlaceHere - Detects when a block is placed in the location of the activated block.
    "Self" - Targets the block that is holding this script
    Player - Targets the player referenced by the trigger (if one exists)
    Event - Targets the event that called this event, normally only works for cancelable events.
    Projectile - Targets the projectile fired (if the trigger uses projectiles)
    <Target Block> - Targets another scripted block
    <Closest Player> - Targets the closest player to that block.
    <Furthest Player> - Targets the player furthest from the block.

    Projectile - Targets the projectile if the trigger has a projectile
    addHealth - Adds health relative to a player
    breakBlock - Breaks a block
    broadcastMessage - Broadcasts a message across the server
    cancelEvent - Cancels the event, if it can be
    fireRelay - Triggers "onRelay" for the block in the next tick
    fireRelay_OneSecond - Triggers "onRelay" for the block in one second
    playSound - Plays a selected sound
    sendCommandAsPlayer - Sends a command as the player
    sendCommandAsConsole - Sends a command as the console
    sendMessage - sends a player a message
    sendMessageNearby - Sends a message to all players within a radius
    setBlock - Sets the material for the block
    setFireTicks - Either sets player on fire if ticks > 0, or removes it if it equals 0
    setHealth - Sets a player's Health
    setHunger - Set's a player's hunger
    setPlayerVelocity - Sets the player's velocity
    shootArrow - Shoots an arrow in a specified direction with a specified offset.
    spawnColoredParticle - Spawns a particle at a specific location with a specific RGB color value
    spawnEntity - Spawns an entity at that location
    spawnItem - Spawns an item at that location
    teleportTo - Teleports a player to another specified block
    toggleActiveLines - For scrips, this will toggle which lines are active/deactive.

    More Targets, Triggers, and Actions will be added in the future

    Though this plugin is feature complete, this plugin will receive updates (weekly, if possible) that may add or alter features of BlockScripter. More content will be added, so make sure you check for updates.

    Also, I am taking requests for options, so feel free to make suggestions in the discussions section.
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