BlocksHub v.3.2.0

API lib providing easy access to multiple block loggers and access controllers

  1. Java 16 compatibility

    Updated the plugin to be compatible with Java 16
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  2. MC 1.15 and WorldGuard

    • Updated to minecraft 1.15
    • Restored WorldGuard support
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  3. New loggers & ac

    Added support for new loggers and access controller.

    Supported loggers:
    • CoreProtect
    • LogBlock

    Supported block access controllers:
    • Factions
    • GriefPrevention
  4. v.3.0.0 - Spigot 1.13 support

    This build adds proper support for 1.13. The API was also changed therefore if you are using it in your plugins please update.

    As I stated in my message I removed most of the loggers and access controllers. Currently BlocksHub supports:
    Support for additional plugins will be added in the future releases. If you need...
  5. v.2.1.1 - Residence

    Add support for new residence API.
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  6. v2.1.0

    * Fixed prism logging
    * update HawkEye API
    * update Residence API
    * added option to disable bridges
    * added support for precious stones.
  7. v2.0.1 - Minor fix

    Fixed BlocksHub initialization when JAR is located in a directory with white chars.
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  8. v2.0 - Plugin reset

    • Removed dependency for Bukkit in API
    • New API v2.0 (not compatible with v1.0)
    • Rewrite of the BlocksHub inner core to support (in the future) more platforms
    • Updated all bridges to use the latest version of the plugins
    • Merged core and bridge plugins into one
    • Added support for white/black lists.
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  9. CoreProtect integrator update

    Updated core protect integrator to support the newest version.
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  10. BlocksHub v1.2

    Added support for:
    • Towny
    • Factions
    Fixed LogBlock integration.

    Starting from this version I'm gonna publish only the jars that have changed.