BlockToss 1.0.1

Ever felt like throwing things? Now you can, with BlockToss! Throw Blocks in Minecraft!

  1. dumbninja22


    Have you ever wanted to show you're annoyed with someone? Do you want your players to see blocks fly throw the air? BlockToss is for you - and your server. You can obtain the block you want to throw using the command and then left click it to send it flying.

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    1. Drop The BlockToss jar file into your server's plugins folder.
    2. Restart the server
    3. Enjoy!


    You can configure several things:

    Code (Text):
    throwStrength: 1.5
    loreOne: '&dBlock Toss Item'
    defaultItem: DIAMOND_BLOCK
    invalidBlockMessage: '&cInvalid Block!'

    The throw strength is the velocity the block will be multiplied by.
    loreOne is the first line of lore that will be used to identify a throw-able item
    The default item is the item you get when doing /blocktoss without any arguments.
    The Invalid Block Message is the message shown to the player when he tries to do something like: /blocktoss itemThatDoesntExist

    The permission node 'BlockToss.getBlock' is default to everyone. It is required in order to be able to obtain and throw a BlockToss item.


    Usage of BlockToss is easy! /blt can effectively be used instead of /blocktoss.

    This is the '/blocktoss help' page:

    You can do '/blocktoss' to get the default item
    You can do '/blocktoss <MATERIAL_NAME>' to get the item with an id of 0
    You can do /blocktoss <MATERIAL_NAME> <DATA_VALUE> to get the exact item.

    Once you get the item, simply switch to it and left-click to throw.
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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.0.1
    Amazing plugin!FUN!!And I have some suggestions:
    1.Throw block can harm player or animal
    2.Block will be consume
    1. dumbninja22
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and for the suggestions!
      I can make it so that there is a tiny explosion when the block lands.